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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Frankfurt


Stepping off the plane at Frankfurt Airport, you and a best friend are dreaming of fairytale castles, German beer and Swiss cheese – the perfect indulgence for a road trip that you have spent many weeks  planning. Excitement mounts when the Empera Meet and Greet team welcomes you with keys to your elite car, gleaming, shiny and oh-so-showy! We never expect you to stand in queues or struggle to find us. We will be waiting wherever you choose, be it in the first class lounge, at your hotel or outside the restaurant you have chosen for lunch. Empera will deliver anywhere in Frankfurt that suits you best.


When nothing less than exceptional will do, choose an iconic brand for your trip. We offer the classiest models hand picked from around the globe, with one mission in mind – to thrill and delight. From sensuous 2-seater convertibles to large family SUVs packed full of cutting-edge features, we have the perfect vehicle for you. We offer bespoke packages for a day, a week or longer, in any European country, city or remote villa. Now is the time to make dreams come true, will it be a Lamborghini, a Porsche, a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce?


Exploring the magnificent region of Bavaria that stretches from Germany into Switzerland is no problem when you rent your luxurious car from Empera. We offer a unique service that allows you to collect your high-end car in one country and leave it for pick up in another. Don't let car hire logistics, cramp your style! Step into your premium vehicle in Frankfurt, enjoy the trip along the Romantic Road, we will meet you in Zurich. If you prefer to spend a few days in Munich as your destination city, no problem, our personalised service will accommodate you.


At Empera, we know that driving a luxury car defines your sense of style and we guarantee to have the exact model you order.  Don't expect any unpleasant surprises or excuses, your dream car will be waiting for you precisely as you pictured it! Our huge range gives us the flexibility to always have your luxurious car available.

If you are new to the world of prestigious cars, we will be delighted to get you started on this adrenaline pumping experience. Talk to us about selecting the perfect car and getting a full run-down on its features before you set off.


Our magnificent Porsche Panamera is ideal for a group of four. Wow your passengers with the speed and classiness of this iconic beauty. If Ferrari sets your fingertips tingling, we suggest the stunning Ferrari 488 GTB. This ruggedly handsome beast is waiting to challenge your driving skills. For an elegant and stately drive, the Mercedes C63 AMG offers a thrilling drive for a larger group, with its high-performance engine and meticulously designed cabin comforts.


Create memories to last a lifetime when you explore Bavaria at your leisure, discovering wine lands, hidden monasteries, quaint villages and delightful eateries set under the towering Alps.

Route 1 - Romantic Road: Frankfurt to Zurich

Collect your high-class Porsche Panamera in Frankfurt and get set for a fabulous few days of scenic travel over a distance of almost 400 km. Head for Heidelberg on the River Neckar and explore the ancient town centre. Continue to Freiburg and learn all about the making of iconic cuckoo clocks. Stop at a farm in the Black Forest for some cheese tasting before heading to the Neuschwanstein Castle, built by the notorious Ludwig II. Buy some lovely crafts in Oberammergau, visit the  Wieskirche Church, pass through Innsbruck where you can ascend Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak and then explore the Linderhof Castle. Spend the night in Munich and enjoy a traditional Bavarian dinner with folk music. Next day, back in your luxury car, drive to Zurich. Enjoy a few days of skiing and we will pick up your car from your hotel.

Route 2 - Romantic Road:Frankfurt to Munich

Travel the Romantic Road from Frankfurt to Füssen in an equally romantic Ferrari 488 GTB. Spend the night at the Jumeirah Frankfurt and we will meet you there in the morning. Enjoy a drive south east to Würzburg, a distance of 120 km. Then head into the scenic Bavarian countryside where you will be thrilled by unspoiled nature, picture-postcard towns with ancient city walls, towers, half-timbered houses, hidden monasteries, fairytale Medieval castles and romantic hotel hide-aways. Stop and explore Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Colmberg where you can spend the night in the 1000 year old Castle Hotel Colmberg. Head for Dinkelsbühl and enjoy a tour through the historical town with the night watchman, who is on patrol. End your trip in Füssen, south west of Munich where we will collect your car.