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All-American Drive with Ford Mustang

Renting a Ford Mustang is the epitome of American sports automobile manufacturing. Known for its concept cars, Ford Mustang has been an all-American idol for over 50 years, evolving over the decades to thrill generations of drivers with its rocket-propelled sporty coupes, muscle cars and open-top convertibles.

Ford Mustang rentals are the perfect choice for those who want a thrilling meaty drive without the headache and size of a flashy supercar brand. Charmingly unpretentious, a Ford Mustang rental wraps its throaty pulling power in a covetous sports coupe shape complete with signature long bonnet and terse rear end that epitomises this “pony class” car.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Easily recognised by the wild pony badge embellishing the front grille and the tri-bar tail-lights bringing up the rear, the Ford Mustang is an unmistakable car. Besotted Mustang drivers will appreciate neat features such as the shiny dual exhaust with slash-cut ends and the rear spoiler that adds a distinctive aerodynamic appeal.

Safety is a high priority at Ford, with driver knee airbags fitted in addition to the standard front and side protection. Traction and stability control systems operate intuitively in harmony with the tyre-pressure monitoring system, post-crash alert system, capless fuel filler and other add-ons normally reserved for high-end sports cars.

With its updated look and advanced suspension, Ford Mustang Convertible rentals are a glorious way to get around, particularly if the climate is conducive to open-top driving. The standard Mustang is powered by a 3.7 litre V6 engine which has plenty of pep and proves itself to be a responsive car for those who like to put their foot down. The six-speed manual or automatic transmission puts power at the driver’s fingertips with shift paddles located behind the leather-bound steering wheel.

The shapely bonnet and steeply raked windscreen scream “sports car” while the convertible top retracts at the push of a button, allowing you to appreciate the scenery on the slowest and windiest roads. A host of neat extras shows a commitment to refinements that drivers rarely expect when they rent a Mustang convertible. Inside the 2+2 cabin, this quirky car boasts vintage-style gauges and aviation-style toggle switches in the centre console for switching between standard, sport and comfort power steering modes. Despite its sports car image, Ford Mustang rentals have a surprisingly decent amount of luggage space, making it a top choice for city breaks, business meetings or fun weekends at the beach.

When it comes to technology, Ford Mustang hire cars leap into the 21st century with a Bluetooth SYNC system that uses voice commands or buttons mounted on the three-spoke steering wheel, allowing drivers to operate a smartphone while on the move. Such is its capability, the SYNC system can even read incoming texts aloud and controls everything from climate control to navigation aids entirely through voice commands. A rear view camera, reverse sensing system push-button start and USB charging ports make driving a Mustang car rental effortless and enjoyable.

Why Choose the Ford Mustang?

Driving a Ford Mustang convertible should be on every serious car buff’s bucket list. This absurdly powerful mid-range sports car harks back to the thrilling era of early American motoring. It builds on its past as an affordable performance-orientated sports car which promises all the excitement of riding an unbroken colt. Despite its humble origins, the original pony-class Mustang proved to have the power and personality to be a popular choice in drag racing and was considered a worthy muscle car.

That same high-performance engine and untamed spirit makes Ford Mustang rentals a fun drive with plenty of power beneath the iconic bonnet. The soft-top convertible hood adds an extra dimension to this exciting drive. The canvas top folds neatly away at the press of button so you can enjoy the sensation of speed, the smell of the seashore and the sounds of nature as you weave your way towards your chosen destination.

Whether you are looking for a roomy tourer or a different ride just for the heck of it, a Ford Mustang convertible rental is one car you won’t want to hand back.