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Aston Martin:Best Evolutionary Motoring

If you dream of driving a luxury sports car with a seven-figure starting price, Aston Martin car hire can make that dream an affordable reality. Best known for its legendary role as the car of choice for getting James Bond out of trouble, the Aston Martin is a British cultural icon like no other.

For those wanting a luxury sports car rental, Aston Martin provides a dizzying array of rear-wheel drive models with V12 engines and coupe or convertible options. Here’s a rundown of the world’s most coveted Aston Martins to help you decide which Aston Martin rental you want to drive first.

Aston Martin Grand Tourer Coupes

Said to be one of the most beautiful looking cars ever produced by Aston Martin, the two-door Vanquish Coupe is love at first sight. The sleek low-lying roof is a mere extension of that curvaceous bonnet first seen on the legendary DB7. The 5.9 litre V12 engine pulls 565 horsepower, carrying this beautiful Grand Tourer sports car with effortless ease, whatever demands you make on it. Elongated side strakes emphasis the shape while low carbon fibre skirts and the rear spoiler add to the flowing silhouette.

Aston Martin managed to skip the DB8 to launch the sleek DB9 with its sleek styling and powerful presence. Take a look under the bonnet and you’ll find a massive 510 horsepower pulling at the reins and raring for the starter’s flag to drop. This 2+2 sports car boasts a carbon fibre and aluminium shell and the reassurance of carbon ceramic brakes. The interior is no less impressive, with leather and walnut wood and a Dolby sound system. The latest model is equipped with a 6.0 litre V12 engine and either a 6-speed manual or ZF automatic gearbox, which has a paddle-operated semi-automatic mode for those who like to get hands-on.

Similar in shape and style to the classic DB9, Aston Martin Vantage hire cars are anything but boring. The V12 engine makes this a powerful supercar meant to impress driver, passengers and anyone lucky enough to see it flying by. The “Vantage” term is used by Aston Martin to denote a variant of the Grand Tourer models of their exotic sports cars, and this Vantage more than meets those criteria.

Aston Martin 4 Door Luxury Sedans

The Aston Martin Rapide S is a four-door sedan that has the heart of a sports car. Similar to the DB9’s unmistakeable silhouette, it has the same pulling power with its dynamic V12 engine. Backseat passengers will be more than happy with the generous legroom while drivers can settle in for a sensational driving performance from this sports car legend. The six-speed touchtronic automatic transmission will take this car through its paces while passengers admire the leather and walnut trim and relax to sounds from the Bang and Olufsen 16-speaker sound system.

Aston Martin Convertibles

The convertible version of the DB9, the DB9 Volante has a retractable fabric roof that folds away in 17 seconds, allowing you to enjoy the same fabulous driving experience with the additional element of feeling the wind in your hair as your drive. Perfect for Grand Touring on the continent, this is considered the ultimate sports rental car from Aston Martin.

Why Choose the Aston Martin Brand

Demand constantly outstrips supply of this hallowed brand, making Aston Martin car rentals an exciting way to take test drive this legendary sports car marque. With patrons ranging from royalty to rock stars, it’s considered the ultimate sports car to be seen behind the wheel of.

Early Aston Martins were designed primarily to compete in the French Grand Prix and went on to set new world speed records and endurance milestones. Their Grand Touring-style DBs established an excellent racing pedigree for the already prestigious Aston Martin name. DB incidentally stands for “David Brown” an early owner of this long-standing marque.

Aston Martin continues to thrill loyal clients (particularly wealthy females) with its limited edition concept cars such as the Aston Martin Vulcan which has a price tag of $2.3 million. However, Aston Martin Vanquish hire is a close second to owning this exclusive brand, with the same thrilling drive as you press pedal to metal in the ultimate status symbol on four wheels.