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Exceptionally agile, the Audi Q5 is a true pleasure to drive

Audi Q5 Specs

  • Top speed204 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h9.5 s
  • Engine2.0L V4
  • BHP220
  • X5
  • X5
  • X4

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Audi Q5 Info

Designed with a stately build, an impressive powertrain and an exciting suite of technological features, the Audi Q5 reveals a whole new world of SUV motoring. Rent the Audi Q5 and take a drive in a beautifully muscular sculptured four wheel drive that has a powerful road presence. The long wheelbase bestows a glorious amount of space to the cabin passenger compartment. While the lightweight carbon fiber and soft aluminium materials, make the Q5 exceptionally agile and a true pleasure to drive.  

Audi Quattro System

One of the most exciting features that the Audi Q5 has to offer is its dynamic all wheel drive “Quattro on-demand” system. This intelligent feature monitors the road ahead of you and automatically switches between two wheel and four wheel driving modes. This has the benefit of maximising energy efficiency and optimising performance. So whether you are heading out for an inner city sprint or over mountain passes on a highly demanding journey, the Audi Q5 continues to be the car for the occasion.

Stay connected

Thus, whether you have planned a family ski holiday on the Alps of Switzerland or you have every intention to attend a music festival in the Costa del Sol of Spain, hire the Audi Q5. After all, this is the Audi four wheel drive with it all; a state of the art infotainment system, intelligent driver assist programs, savvy smartphone apps that provide seamless integration between you and the Q5. When you rent the Audi Q5 you can enjoy a totally stress-free experience, as your car becomes an extension of your phone, where seamless integration is what it’s all about.   

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