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Drive or be Driven? Don’t compromise, take the time to do both

Rolls Royce Ghost Specs

  • Top speed248 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h5.8 s
  • Engine6.8L V12
  • BHP453
  • X2
  • X5
  • X4

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Rolls Royce Ghost Info

Drive or be driven? That is the perpetual question when it comes to the Rolls Royce Ghost, while the passenger compartment has signature level of luxury fittings and offers an exceptionally comfortable ride, at the same time the Ghost forges through a determined path with seemingly effortless power. Alive with an intense sense of drama, the Rolls Royce Ghost Hire is one of the most exhilarating cars you could ever choose to drive. Constructed with cutting-edge technology, it possesses a highly advanced drive system, but holds an air of simplicity, with its smooth and clear cut surfaces. Drive or be Driven? Don’t compromise, take the time to do both.

A powerful stance

Every detail of the RR Ghost has been worked out in order to deliver an exceptional driving experience. While extraordinary may be the standard set by most other luxury car marques, for Rolls Royce, it has been merely the benchmark. The combination of advanced engineering and a sweep of outstanding technologies, make the Ghost dynamic, as it pushes through the frontiers of standard automotive design.

The front end construction of the car brings a sense of power to poise, capped as it is by the silver Spirit of Ecstasy. The interior cabin is bespoke in its luxury offerings, let yourself sink into the plush seats that are hand upholstered with a gentle, supple leather and rest your feet on the deliciously soft lambswool floor mats, that combined lends a feeling of cosseting you from the world outside.

Contemporary luxury

Rent the Rolls Royce Ghost for a road trip that will celebrate the luxury refinements to be found in life. Have the Ghost delivered to you in Paris and drive out of the city to arrive at Château de Maintenon, about 86 kilometers west of the city. This castle is picturesque and with its history that dates all the way back to 1200’s it is equally intriguing.

During your drive, aboard the Ghost, enjoy the spectacular views afforded by the famous French countryside. On the way you may want to stop off in the town of Rambouillet, which is home to another château which is known to have hosted historical figures like the Kings of France and Napoleon.

Regal and aristocratic, hire the Rolls Royce Ghost and drive a car that goes beyond the known levels of extraordinary.

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