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The Jaguar F-Type delivers effortless performance matched with everyday practicality

Jaguar F-Type Specs

  • Top speed258 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h5.1 s
  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP335
  • X2
  • X2
  • X2

Jaguar F-Type Video

Jaguar F-Type Info

Hire the F-Type and drive a sports car that only the elite marque of Jaguar would ever dare to create. In utterly unique fashion the Jaguar F-Type delivers effortless performance, precise handling, interior refinement and everyday practicality. The latest model in a distinguished bloodline, there is no looking past the Jaguar F-Type coupe.

A stunning sports car

Take a seat inside the F-Type coupe and try to maintain your calm composure as you start to feel giddy with excitement. The F-Type features sport seats that have a leather and suede cloth surface, the center console is finished in a light hex aluminium and is ergonomically tailored around the needs of the driver. On the exterior of the car, the F-Type gives the impression of constantly being ready to pounce. Characterised by slimline Bi-function Xenon headlights that host an LED J blade, they give off a look of feline intensity. A sporty and athletic appeal is enhanced by the 18’ Vela alloy wheels that host striking silver brake calipers, ensuring that this car’s sense of prowess doesn’t end with appearances.

Keeping you connected at all times

Rent the Jaguar F-Type coupe and no matter which far off horizon you choose to chase, this luxury sports car will always give you an intimate sense of connection to the outside world. Engineered to perfection, the F-Type offers sophisticated suspension capability, an excellent Braking System as well as the latest generation of Electric Power Assisted Steering. A combination which produces a highly connected driving experience to the outside environment.

For a journey to scenic surrounds of Lugano in the south of Switzerland or along the trail of roads that lead through Bordeaux in France, every moment will be exceptionally satisfying as you take full advantage of the technology available in the F-Type coupe. Advanced aerodynamic performance is intelligently integrated into the F-Type’s design where there is significant down pressure and excellent stability even whilst driving at extreme speeds.

The F-Type also comes with a number of braking systems, that deliver a deliver a constant and confident feel of high performance capability. There was no compromise in the design and creation of the F-Type coupe, why would you then start to compromise in considering anything else?

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