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The Porsche Panamera thrives on performance, class and style

Porsche Panamera Specs

  • Top speed289 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.4 s
  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP440
  • X4
  • X4
  • X4

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Porsche Panamera Info

In the car that holds the title for being the world’s fastest sedan, take a drive from which you will never come back the same. The Porsche Panamera is truly impressive, despite having the grander proportions of an elegant and spacious executive car, it holds speeding figures that would put most sports cars to shame. Rent the Porsche Panamera for a vacation with your family or to make a lasting impression for your next business trip. Either way, this car thrives on performance and will get you to your destination with unbeatable class and style.

A sporty car for 4

The Porsche Panamera uses a 7 speed transmission that allows for lighting fast transmission changes, allowing the build up of speed to be incredibly smooth and fluid. The four door four seater sports car is propelled forward with an enhanced 4.8 liter V8 engine that will race from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and then reach a maximum top speed of 282 km/h. To think that it is capable of reaching these numbers with 4 passengers aboard, really sets this car apart from the pack.

High levels of driving pleasure

Considered to represent a height of engineering prowess from within the manufacturing sheds of Stuttgart, Germany, there is little more satisfying than racing this sports car along the Autobahn. Take full advantage of those tracks of highway that offer unlimited speed restrictions to really test the inherent capability of the Panamera 4S rental. With its elegant, but spacious confines hire the Porsche Panamera to take a drive with close friends across the city of Berlin or Vienna. This is the car to hire for an evening at the opera, a gala musical or for a gallery opening. The Porsche Panamera exudes elegance and refinement and for the special evening out, this car will transport you in unabashed style.   

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