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Anything but standard, the McLaren 12C is a most spectacular road car

McLaren 12C Specs

  • Top speed328 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.3 s
  • Engine3.8L V8
  • BHP592
  • X2
  • X2
  • X2

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McLaren 12C Info

Anything but standard, the McLaren 12C represents the first road car produced by the phenomenal motor racing team of McLaren. Engineered to perfection, every detail, line and surface of the 12C design has been inspired by the race track, enhancing the car’s performance and the thrill experienced in every drive. Rent the McLaren 12C and take a drive in one of the world’s most undeniably spectacular cars.

A futuristic design

The design elements of the 12C are wild and exhilaratingly bespoke. The car opens up like a butterfly spreading out its wings with its signature dihedral doors, lighter and more aerodynamic, they contribute to the car’s agile performance, not just futuristic appearance. Yet charmingly practical as well, the dihedral doors are positioned on a single hinge design which does not necessitate as much room to open them and makes it easier to get in and out of the car, than standard vehicles.

Advanced ergonomic cockpit

Take a seat inside and explore a car whose luxury fittings feel as if they have been ergonomically built around you. The luxury cabin features quality craftsmanship and exquisite materials all delicately hand made and with exceptional attention to detail. The steering wheel for example is race crafted, providing an optimum grip, feel and shape.

Choosing to go with a simple design that is bereft of any buttons or switches, it allows the driver to focus on the road ahead with minimal distraction. In similar fashion the 12C is also fitted with a Formula 1 gear shift that is host to a shift paddle that lets you push or pull through the gears. Mounted just by the steering wheel it is perfectly positions just by your fingertips to enhance accessibility, letting you race into a bend and then accelerate your way out of a hairpin turn.

Hire the McLaren 12C for a drive along Germany’s Alpine road, that boasts dazzling scenic views as the road pulls around the elevated curve of the mountain. As the 12C slices through the crisp mountain air of the Alps, it will become increasingly difficult for you to restrain your own palpitating sense of adrenalin. Starting from Lake Constance in the west to Königssee in the east, this exhilarating track of road traverses an utterly enthralling landscape immersing you into a landscape that is rough and tenaciously wild.

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