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BMW Rentals: Every Mile is a Driving Pleasure

BMW car rentals are a popular choice for those looking for an exciting drive with plenty of power that also makes a solid statement of who they are.

Those looking for a BMW car hire option will find plenty of choice from the top of the range 7 series sedans to the lively convertibles and Gran Coupes. Complementing the uber-luxurious luxury sedans, the X series encompasses power-driven crossover SUVs, roadsters and coupes. Whether you want a jaunty two-seater soft top or a stately family-sized SUV with the BMW guarantee of quality and power, there’s a BMW rental to knock your socks off in this selection.


The BMW X5 is a distinctive luxury crossover SUV suitable for business or leisure. Settle into the uber-comfortable German-designed seats and get ready for a thrilling drive from this lighter body that refuses to act like a boxy SUV. High tensile steel, thermoplastic side panels and aluminium in the bonnet all help to create more speed with less resistance. Take it for a spin and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

BMW Convertibles, Coupes and Roadsters

The M4 BMW hire car falls neatly into this category with its “notice-me” convertible top and aerodynamic body enhancements. Thrust into motion by a twin turbocharged engine, nothing will fluster this high performance car with its masterful M genealogy. The reduced weight, stiffer chassis and carbon fiber roof all mean one thing – more power to the driver for a stimulating ride.

Powering BMW into the 21st century, the BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports coupe, although you would never know by its performance. Sacrificing none of its good looks, this two-seater Gran Tourer has a lithium-ion battery that has powered its way to becoming the top selling electric sports car in the world. Get ahead with this Innovative BMW hire car.

For the ultimate fun, the BMW Z4 Roadster is a jaw-dropping sensation with a retractable hardtop normally reserved for high-end models. Hugging the ground, this carefree two-door sports car turns every drive into a pacy adventure, Release the electronic handbrake and let this BMW pleasantly surprise you.

Luxury BMW Sedans

The M3 F80 Sedan will woo you with its sporty pedigree, super-responsive engine and heaps of upgrades. Take to the road and appreciate the thrust, handling and superb suspension that gives your passengers a smooth ride while you put your BMW hire car through its paces. The M badge is more than just a pretty feature, as you will discover when you need that extra sports acceleration. Box-flared wheel arches draw attention to the uber-wide tyres that grip the road like glue.

The upgraded M5 sports sedan is a roomy saloon car with the distinction of being the fastest production sedan when it was first introduced. It is a favourite choice in endurance racing and proves to have a powerful sprint when it really counts. Renting a BMW M5 provides the handling of a sports car in the guise of a family-sized sedan with a definite macho presence.

One of the most respected luxury cars on the highway, the 7 series BMW car rentals continue to dominate the market with its state-of-the-art technology and light-but tough carbon fiber polymer components. Cruise control and driver assist systems put the comfort and joy back into motoring, even on the longest journey.

What’s Behind the BMW Brand?

As one of the best-selling luxury brands in the world, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, better known as BMW, is a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles, high quality engines and motorbikes. The brand is easily recognised by the iconic divided grille at the front and the round BMW badge with its blue and white quadrants enclosed in a black circle. Legend has it that the badge was originally based on a stylized airplane propeller and took its colours from the Bavarian flag. Whatever its origins, the badge is a noteworthy marque of BMW’s quality engineering.

The M logo is well worth insisting on for those looking for high performance BMW rentals. The exclusive M for Motorsport badge with its red, blue and navy flash denotes cars designed for BMW’s racing program which naturally have powerful sports engines to master the road in a thrilling display of turbocharged power.