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Spoil Yourself with the Ultimate Bentley

Be part of the Bentley world - settle into the ultra-comfy driver’s seat and take in the luxurious interior of this largely handbuilt car. From the leather-clad steering wheel with its iconic winged “B” to the burr walnut trim and quilt-textured door linings, this is a car you want to admire inside and out.

As you glide along cocooned in luxury, classy dials subtlety whisper the information rather than shouting it from brash digits. But don’t be deceived by the traditional handsome body and seductive-looking style of this classic luxury motor. Beneath that gorgeously elongated bonnet there’s a technically advanced W12 engine, politely waiting for permission to show off its blistering racing potential as you press pedal to carpet-cushioned metal and leave the ordinary world behind.

Whichever Bentley hire car you choose, it will defy all your expectations, exactly as it is designed to do.

Bentley Luxury Sedans

Bentley rentals provide the ultimate level of luxury for the chosen few and we offer the Bentley Continental GTC and Bentley Continental GT for hire for those who are looking for first class travel.

Those who don’t want to waste a moment of life will love driving the Bentley Continental GT, conceived and designed to take driver and passenger comfort to a whole new level. The powerful W12 twin turbo engine provides a level of spontaneity few other cars can match. Accelerating to 60 mph in as little as 4.3 seconds, this pacy beast has a top speed of 198 mph without hardly breaking into a sweat. However, the best way to appreciate this luxurious sedan is exploring the open road at a more sedate pace, enjoying the view both inside and outside.

For those planning to tour Europe in top-down style, the Bentley Continental GTC is the answer. No car captures the spirit of the Grand Tour better than this, pampering driver and passengers with uncompromising luxury. As the fastest Bentley convertible ever to take to the open road, this luxury sports sedan adds an extra element of pleasure to new destinations. Closer to the road than the GT, the GTC delivers a sportier experience with its agile cornering and newly developed suspension. Boasting an ultra-high performance, this luxury convertible has a top speed of 196 mph as you work the paddle-shift gear selector through the 8-speed transmission to experience the ultimate ride.

Bentley’s Luxury SUV

Bowing to the demand for a luxury SUV with the Bentley marque, the Bentayga Bentley rentalhas all the finesse of the classic Bentley reshaped into an extraordinary family-sized SUV. With the same breath-taking attention to detail as its renowned luxury sedans, this Bentley was built for every kind of journey you want to undertake in the ultimate style – on-road and off.

The fantastic performance of this refined 12-cylinder engine begs to be tested and delivers exceptional acceleration yet remains calm and dignified. Achieving 0-60 in 4 seconds, it delivers more power and torque than any other luxury SUV without compromising its Bentley-esque handling, traction and balance.

Promising the ultimate comfort and speed, Bentayga is a Bentley rental that will also thrill technophiles. It is crammed with state-of-the-art gadgets such as the flexible interface that offers you a choice of touch controls, dials or even voice commands to suit your own particular preference.

The Bentayga Bentley rental is the only luxury SUV with a choice of four, five or seven-seater configurations breaking new ground for versatility. Rear seat passengers may not have the fun of driving this elite SUV, but they will be happily entertained with the on-board TV, video, media streaming and games.

Why Choose the Bentley Brand

With 95 years of heritage at the apex of luxury motoring, Bentley is an iconic symbol of wealth and luxury. Speed and adventure are part of Bentley’s DNA, from the 1920s Le Mans 24-hour race-winning Speed Six to the latest Bentayga luxury SUV.

Whether you are looking for a Bentley self-drive hire or a model worthy of hiring a chauffeur, a Bentley rental will transport you in the grandest way possible. With a Bentley, it’s not the destination but the getting there that counts.