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Maserati Rentals When Only the Best Will Do

Living up to its advertising, Maserati is “luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars”. Any Maserati rental will catapult you into a new bracket of luxury, power and status. Built to impress with their ultra-luxurious features and signature performance, Maserati rentals effortlessly exude the aroma of power, good taste and success. Designed with an attention to detail that verges on the obsessive, every Maserati is an extraordinary masterpiece.

Maserati Luxury Sedans

Choosing a Maserati Quattroporte S hire car is a display of good taste in itself. This incomparable sports sedan is in its sixth generation, showing the unmistakable popularity and success that this four-door luxury sports saloon car has enjoyed for over 50 years. Sumptuous interiors surround you with the finest materials and the most innovative design. It creates a calm ambience within, in contrast to the throbbing engine sweeping you effortlessly to your destination in seductive style.

A Maserati Ghibli rental is the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of the most exclusive luxury sedans and see how it feels to drive a true Italian thoroughbred. The new Ghibli is everything Maserati claims to be – powerful, comfortable and sporty.

Maserati takes unashamed luxury to new heights with a Maserati Ghibli rental, from the softest leather upholstery to the ergonomic controls on the three-spoke steering wheel. The beautifully laid-out dashboard includes clear backlit dials to monitor your smooth pace while a 7-inch display keeps you updated on other data. Seven airbags and a trademark Stability Programme take care of safety along with a package of hidden driver aids, cameras and warning sensors. The extended bonnet catches the eye from the outset and hides a powerful engine that responds at the mere tickle of the accelerator.

Maserati Grand Tourers, Coupes and Sports Cars

Unmistakably Maserati, the GranTurismo was designed for those who want to live life to the full and will inject a fistful of unadulterated luxury into any road trip. This gorgeous two-door sports coupe disguises its immensely powerful engine beneath a demure exterior yet delivers a thrilling ride for all four passengers. From the LED running lights in the front bumper to the throaty twin exhausts at the rear, every inch of the Gran Turismo delivers an aerodynamic thrill.

Sink down into the supremely comfortable contoured driver’s seat and prepare for an unparalleled driving experience. Work your way up the six-speed ZF automatic gearbox to the smooth cruising speed of the awesome V-8 engine. The exhilarating acceleration comes courtesy of the 405 horsepower engine which ensures the ultimate power and speed, from husky low revs to the reported maximum speed of 205 mph.

The only Maserati car rental to deliver a comparable experience is the acclaimed GranCabrio. Built to make motoring a delight for both driver and passengers, this sporty four-seater convertible has a classic V-ridge down the long bonnet and a sound system to make every track sound like a live recording. State-of-the-art technology controls everything from climate control to the opening and closing of the soft top. All you have to do is enjoy every moment of the drive in this superlative Maserati sports car.

Maserati SUVs and Crossover Vehicles

Maserati’s entry into the SUV market came with the launch of the Levante. Quite unlike any other Maserati for rent, this crossover is named after the Mediterranean wind which it imitates as it powers along the road. Combining luxurious comfort with outstanding performance, driving a Levante Maserati hire car is something everyone should do once in a while.

Highly crafted, the intelligent all-wheel drive and eight-speed gearbox provide a truly unique driving thrill through the intuitive onboard controls and superlative engineering. Surround yourself with Ermenegildo Zegna silk and Bowes and Wilkins Surround Sound perfection and understand what Maserati car rentals are really all about.

Why Choose Maserati Cars

The Maserati brand epitomises Italian design with its sleek sporty curves and engineering that sets a new benchmark for lesser marques to emulate. Distinctly unpretentious, the iconic trident badge guarantees a superlative driving experience. Exhilarating performance and superb responsiveness will leave you weak at the knees with the power-rush of adrenalin that comes as standard with any Maserati car hire.

Better take our warning seriously - driving a Maserati rental will spoil you forever and can be seriously addictive!