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It combines sporty elegance, ground breaking performance and exhilarating open top driving

Audi R8 Spyder Specs

  • Top speed318 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.6 s
  • Engine5.2L V10
  • BHP533
  • X2
  • X2
  • X1

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Audi R8 Spyder Info

Blazing a path of automotive excellence, the Audi R8 Spyder is impressive to the point of inspirational. In unparalleled fashion it combines a sporty elegance with ground breaking performance and exhilarating open top driving.

Power and beauty

Engineered with a 5.2 liter V10 FSI engine that has a power output of 397 kW, this car is propelled forward at a rate of 3.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and then goes on to reach a top maximum speed of 318 km/h. Yet the Audi R8 Spyder sounds just as good as it looks, especially when the throttle is unleashed and the twin exhaust system with trapezoidal exhaust trims lets out a ferocious roar. Rent the Audi R8 Spyder and get familiar with the feeling of intensity that knows no bounds.

Hire the R8 Spyder for a cross country drive through France. One of the country’s most loved routes is a journey that starts in Troyes, goes through Dijon (yes, the official home of the famous mustard) and concludes in St Etienne. This journey will give you plenty of opportunity to put the R8 Spyder rental through its paces. Make the most of the seven speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission that allows for a gradual increase of power, starting slow and steady in the first gears and then rapidly escalating as the R8 is put into its most dramatic mode.

Aerodynamic efficiency

The mid-engine design of the Audi R8 convertible is entirely innovative as it uses the most advanced technology that is applied in a highly exciting form. Making the R8 faster is the lightweight construction that has been built using the Audi Space Frame, 100% of the materials were selected based on their aerodynamic efficiency. Adding drama to the drive is the permanent quattro four-wheel-drive system, that enables you to go wherever you wish aboard the R8, irrespective of weather or road condition.

Quality details can be discerned in the carbon fiber reinforced ceramic brake discs that provide a more precise and smooth reduction of speed, the ergonomically enhanced cockpit with features that are orientated around the needs of the driver and the attractively futuristic and yet still very comfortable bucket seats. The steering wheel has been given additional focus with multifunction plus and the option to put it into performance mode.

The drive from Troyes to St Etienne takes place over 430 kilometers and in the process will bring you right into the heart of quintessential French culture. From the stunning picture-postcard-worthy scenery of the Champagne region, the glasses of Champagne that always inevitably follow a day’s drive and the immense history array of history to be explored. With the wind blowing through your hair, the Audi R8 Spyder makes for the perfect travelling partner.  

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