Mercedes E Class Cabriolet Rental

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The Mercedes E class cabriolet conveys a sense of prowess and success

Mercedes E Class Cabriolet Specs

  • Top speed230 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h8.7 s
  • Engine2.0L V4
  • BHP177
  • X2
  • X4
  • X3

Mercedes E Class Cabriolet Video

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet Info

Bespoke luxury and rippled with muscle is the stunning Mercedes E Class Cabriolet rental. Boasting a drag coefficient that is as low as 0.29, the E-Class rental whips its way through the wind without so much as leaving a traceable foot print. However, that is not to say that this luxury convertible doesn’t manage to grab attention. On the contrary, with its elegant but muscular design, the E class cabriolet conveys a sense of prowess and success. From the incandescent headlamps to the sleek rear trunk, this convertible sports car raises eyebrows and sets hearts a flutter.

Packed with advanced technology

Hire the Mercedes E Class Cabriolet for a lesson in what state-of-the art motor technology can now offer. This luxury E class has it all, from advanced stereo cameras and safety sensors that form part of its driver assistance technology. The Collision Prevention Assist Plus autonomously brings the car to a halt on sensing an imminent collision. There is also an Attention Assist feature which will identify if the driver is feeling drowsy and will provides alerts to pull over.

A queen of beauty

Designed for the aesthetic in mind, the E class cabriolet possesses a number of silver trims that are likely to pique one’s curiosity. On the front grille the three pointed star of the Mercedes Benz icon is illuminated with an elegant but subtle glow, softly reminding you that you are driving a highly sought after and prestigious car.

The interior is exquisitely designed with a black leather upholstering and a Burl walnut wood trim. The control functions are accessibly placed alongside the driver’s console and they operate the top convertible cover and all four automatic windows. The engine is ignited at the press of a start button, yet the innovation of this keyless entry is just one aspect from the full array of innovative options at your disposal.

The driver’s instrument cluster is beautifully designed to enhance clarity, visibility and yet all with exceptional taste. Clear measurement gauges are ringed in a striking silver aluminium perfectly complementing the nappa leather trim of the steering wheel.

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