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The Mercedes S-Class rental is still very much a driver’s car, no chauffeur required

Mercedes S-Class Specs

  • Top speed248 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h6.8 s
  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP258
  • X4
  • X5
  • X6

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Mercedes S-Class Info

While the S Class is the acknowledged luxury flagship model amongst the Mercedes Benz range, the Mercedes S-Class rental is still very much a driver’s car. Save your chauffeur for another time. Take a seat inside the driver’s chair of this prestigious vehicle and head out. As you encounter the first stretch of a winding road, put the S-Class into its Sport mode and feel the build up of power before each shift point, then tap the button with the damper icon on it and this will increase the air suspension ensuring that there is less rebound.

Aboard the S-Class this slightly more aggressive drive train will still feel incredibly smooth and comfortable. Remarkably stable and planted, this executive car invites a spirited driving style, particularly as you slide your way through those winding bends in the road.

Amazing technology

As the Mercedes S-Class represents a benchmark for other luxury limousine type cars of its class, it holds an impressive suite of technological features. Take a drive and make yourself accustomed to the anti-lock brakes, stability control and radar cruise control, all of which are innovations that the wider S class model range has introduced over the course of its long and colourful life span.

The interior of the elegant Mercedes S-Class welcomes passengers with a luxurious leather interior, that intuitively anticipates the world-class driving experience that is to follow once you step on the gas.

Commanding presence

The exterior of the executive car holds an impressive and regal stance, it is characterised by elegantly sculptured lines and the bold bi-xenon adaptive headlamps. Undoubtedly its road presence is contributed to by the grand size proportions of the car which measures more than five meters long and holds a width measurement of 1.87 meters. While the overall design would appeal to a more conservative mindset, it is still far from being considered bland rather it brings to mind every association of an elite Mercedes limousine.    

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