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Adventures Await when you Rent a Mercedes

Whether you need a sports car, a supercar or an SUV, Mercedes car rentals have something that will more than meet your requirements. When it comes to comfort and pace, the brand excels with its luxury models such as the Mercedes GLE and the sought-after Mercedes AMG GT, which make this marque clearly stand out from the rest.

Mercedes Luxury Sedans

The AMG C63 is an uber-luxury Mercedes sedan with a handcrafted 4.0 litre V8 engine to get you from A to B in comfort while offering a superlative drive. Rapid acceleration (0-60 in 4 seconds) will get you out of any tight spot in traffic and thereafter the engine will purr almost silently as you cruise effortlessly along at the maximum permitted speed limits. Designed to exceed every expectation, the AMG C63 is a wonderful introduction to AMG performance motoring.

Renting Mercedes does not come better than the AMG E63. This sophisticated sedan belongs firmly to the racing division of the Mercedes stable with its 577 horsepower engine and 3.6 second acceleration from 0-60 mph. It’s fast. It’s turbo-driven. It does exactly what you command. Get ready to take control.

For those in-the-know, the S-class is the code word for super-luxury. Rent a Mercedes S-class and you will be driving a powerful, strong sedan that is surprisingly athletic and maneuverable in all conditions and speeds. Nothing surpasses this superlative sedan with its twin injection V8s for those who want to effortlessly turn fuel into forward motion.

Mercedes G-class SUVs

When the going gets tough, you need to rent a Mercedes G63 AMG, a rugged meaty model which is anything but shy. Exuding attitude, this hugely powerful SUV has a twin-turbo 5.5 litre V8 engine that makes other SUVs look like wimps in comparison. Seven-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system will get you into (and out of) trouble without batting an eye.

The Mercedes GLE defines the excitement of Mercedes motoring yet has the practical size and luggage space of a sports utility vehicle. This tough SUV has hidden depths with its advanced power options and agile handling at all speeds and road conditions. The standard GLE 4Matic provides the ultimate all-wheel driving confidence even on wet and slippery roads. In dry conditions it proves to be ultra-light and nimble, making light work of every journey. The adjustable cargo and cabin space make this premium SUV an adaptable choice, whatever you need your Mercedes rental to carry.

Mercedes Sports Cars, Cabriolets and Coupes

The Mercedes AMG GT is a high performance sports car with an unmistakable bad boy silhouette, from the exaggerated bonnet length to the curvaceous rear bumpers bulging over super-wide tyres. Hand-stitched seats made from supple leather will grip you firmly in place as you take this Mercedes rental through its paces while precision instruments feed you performance data to match the thrill of the drive.

Larger than most sports cabrios, the four-seater Mercedes E Class Cabrio rental gives all four passengers the chance to enjoy the open air with great all-round viewing and plenty of fun in the sun. The low-slung chiseled body is streamlined for minimum wind resistance as it sweeps along the road, embracing suburban city, mountain splendour or wave-dashed coastline. Driving topless doesn’t come better than this!

Why Choose the Mercedes Brand?

Part of the prestigious Daimler group, the Mercedes marque is one of the most recognised brands in the world, thanks to its longstanding reputation for quality and durability. Mercedes-Benz encompasses more classes and models than any other luxury car brand. Top of the range is the AMG marque, the revered performance racing division of Mercedes-Benz rental cars which promises a superlative performance every moment, every mile.

Best known for its luxury sedans, Mercedes has successfully ventured into niche markets producing the Mercedes SLS AMG supercar and the ultimate Mercedes-Maybach models. Renting Mercedes puts you in an elite club of loyal Mercedes owners, drivers and enthusiasts which includes Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear/The Grand Tour), premier racing driver Lewis Hamilton and a red carpet of celebrities including Eddie Murphy, Boris Becker and Cristiano Ronaldo, so you’re in good company!