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The Mercedes GLE has a beautiful design that will keep all eyes on you

Mercedes GLE Specs

  • Top speed225 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h7.1 s
  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP249
  • X5
  • X5
  • X5

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Mercedes GLE Info

With a core model that is now almost 20 years old, the latest edition of the Mercedes GLE continues to pave the way for high performance SUVs. Every aspects of its design, from the drivetrain, to the stylish LED tail lamps and of course the iconic Mercedes star on its front, the Mercedes GLE appears to have a future ahead that looks just as bright. Rent the Mercedes GLE for your next on-road adventure, as it will leave a lasting impression on you from the very first glance.

A great attention to details

Hire the Mercedes GLE and drive a sensational looking SUV to the celebrity-star studded resort of Verbier. This luxury 4WD manages to get an appreciative audience wherever you go and it will perfectly fit right in amongst this well dressed crowd. Distinct with detail, the LED daytime running lamps illuminate your path ahead and catch the eye of those that you are passing as their glowing art sweep sweeps into the sculpted profile. The active LED headlamps illuminate a difference far ahead at night time, adapting to curves in the road and oncoming traffic. This is the luxury car rental for those who have an eye on design, as this SUV will keep all eyes on you.

Confident driving

No less impressive is the bold and athletic silhouette of the 4WD SUV. The supersized 21 inch AMG alloy wheels have each been fitted with top quality callipers for excellent braking capability. Yet the athletic look just implies the underlying sporting prowess that is discernable in the agile handling and incredible feats of power that is derived from its highly durable 3.5 L V6 engine. The intelligent engineering enables the GLE to transmit torque to the wheels where it is most advantageously needed. On slippery and snow covered roads this makes all the difference to driving with confidence and when cornering dry surfaces, it adds an element of fun.

Perfect for a drive on the snow laden slopes of Verbier, the nimble and efficient GLE will enhance the excitement as you make your way over the rugged mountain. Regarded as a skier’s seventh heaven, this is where outdoor winter sports takes pride of place. Arrive from Geneva, the nearest airport, and in just a couple of short hours you’ll be racing down those glorious slopes at full speed.

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