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No other car exemplifies a spirit of freedom as does the Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Specs

  • Top speed319 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.5 s
  • Engine6 L V12
  • BHP582
  • X2
  • X4
  • X4

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Bentley Continental GT Info

Be spontaneous. Hire the luxury Bentley Continental GT and set out on the open road with nothing to hinder you and with every instinct urging you to go. Quite possibly no other car exemplifies a spirit of freedom as does the Bentley Continental GT, a spectacular grand tourer that was destined to arrive at new horizons.

Innovative technology

When it came to the creation and development of the Continental GT, the team at Bentley had a dedicated focus of arriving at excellence. Constructed with a powerful W12 twin turbo engine, it also uses an innovative variable displacement system that working in combination with each other creates an enormous force of power, but with the effect of producing remarkably low emissions.  

A most stylish interior

Yet, if the cold hard tech features do not win you over, the lavish fittings and luxurious suite of refinements undoubtedly will. Inside the cabin you will find a muscularly sculptured and sporty steering wheel, that are designed to ergonomically fit and connect with the driver’s hands, helping the driver feel intuitively connected to the GT.

Each of the seats have been hewn together with a semi aniline hide that with incredible fashion forms the straight flute seating that despite its linear posture is exceptionally comfortable. In the Bentley Continental GT, these a just a few of the features that contribute to create the most exceptional driving experience.

The Bentley Continental GT is constructed with an all-wheel drive that not only delivers superb traction on the most demanding terrain, but also provides greater levels of safety even in more inclement weather. Rent the Continental GT to arrive at the exclusive French ski resorts of Chamonix and Méribel. The four wheel drive system instantaneously adjusts the power split between all four wheel, pushing power through to the wheel that detects the greatest available grip on the road.

Far more than just your ordinary luxury car, hire the Bentley GT and drive a vehicle where supercar performance meets handcrafted luxury.

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