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Get in Pole Position with a McLaren Rental

If you’re looking for a special car that puts you ahead of the pack, McLaren car hire will do the job nicely. McLaren is almost shocking with its revolutionary creations. Known for their Formula One racing cars, their stylish luxury sports cars also deliver astonishing speed and nippy agility. Clean aerodynamic lines and a carbon fibre chassis give their vehicles every advantage, even when not on the racetrack. The custom engine puts McLaren rentals in a very unique class that has to be driven to be appreciated. Still waiting to be convinced that the McLaren should be your next exotic car hire choice? Read on and salivate!

McLaren 12C

Some sports cars are too showy for everyday driving, but not the McLaren 12C. This outstanding exotic car epitomises the best of British creativity in the automotive world. Using their Formula One know-how, McLaren has produced this superb two door coupe to give everyone a chance to get off the grid and enjoy the best drive in the world!

The carbon-fibre chassis weighs just 80 kg and was built for the ultimate speed and durability, as demonstrated in drag racing where the record 0-60 acceleration in a McLaren 12C was just 2.8 seconds.

As you start the powerful v8 twin-turbo engine, an involuntary thrill runs down your spine at the very sound of the 592 horsepower engine starting up beneath the rear cover. Give the throttle a few revs for effect before hitting the highway in this road-hugging sports car. You don’t need to reach the top speed of 207 mph to be convinced that this McLaren rental has the power to outrace almost everything else on four wheels. However, it also has an amazing power to stop, braking from 124 mph to a complete standstill in under five seconds. But all this is academic. Just driving your McLaren 12C hire car within legal limits is a turn-on and at a relatively modest speed you get to see the envious looks of other drivers as you enjoy being king of the road.

Exclusive Features of the McLaren 12C

The telescopic tilt on the steering wheel allows you to find the optimal driving position while pressing back snugly into the upright bucket seats. Automatic climate control has dual zones while entertainment comes in the form of a stereo with seek-scan capabilities and an MP3 decoder. But you’ll probably prefer listening to the harmonious notes of your McLaren rental as you change up and down through the gears.

Features carried over from the racetrack include the brake steer, when the inside rear wheel brakes to reduce understeer as you corner at speed. The 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox gives the perfect gear for every situation. When you finally reach your destination, the butterfly doors are sure to raise eyebrows as they move up and out along the A-pillar for easy entry and exit.

Why Choose the McLaren Brand

The McLaren Formula One race team has won more grand prix races than any other team, so renting a McLaren puts you in good company. Iconic racing legends from Ayrton Senna to Lewis Hamilton have all powered to victory in a McLaren – so why not share boasting rights by driving a McLaren hire car?

Even with the latest competition in exotic sports cars, the McLaren F1 is still considered one of the greatest road cars ever built. Following in its tyre tracks was no easy task. If you’re nostalgic about the original F1, or missed the chance to order the limited McLaren P1 supercar, the next best thing is taking a McLaren 12C for a spin. McLaren fans will know that this model was previously called McLaren MP4 12C, “MP4” stands for McLaren Project 4, and “12” refers to the car’s key performance criteria. The C is for “carbon”, referring to the lightweight carbon used to keep McLaren sports car in pole position, both on the track and off.

Top Gear fans may recall the MP4-12C setting one of the fastest recorded laps on the programme’s test track with an electrifying time of 1 minute 16.2 seconds, just shy of the Pagani Huayra and the Ariel Atom 500. Picking up awards such as “Middle East Car of the Year 2012” and “Best Supercar” the same year, renting a McLaren is sure to be a personal milestone you will never forget.