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Comfortable Speed and Safety with Volvo

Volvo is synonymous with solid safety and reliability, but it also offers luxurious comfort, speed and above-average space. It makes sense to rent a Volvo if these qualities are your priority. Like all Swedish exports, Volvo is superbly designed and soundly built, and the newer models lack nothing when it comes to comfort and high-tech infotainment.

Get behind the wheel of any Volvo and it automatically instils a sense of confidence from the moment you start the ignition. Quiet and well-insulated, Volvo is all about what you don’t hear – no cheap and nasty rattles, no annoying vibrations and very little road noise, despite the turbocharged engine powering you forward. Those renting a Volvo for the first time will quickly get used to the hushed hum of quality. If you want a roomy car with contemporary styling, a powerful engine and great all-round safety, think Volvo XC90.  

Volvo XC90

Volvo really jumped ahead when they launched the Volvo XC90, giving the brand a surprisingly modern upgrade with its sporty engine and dynamic looks. Aiming high with German-standard luxury, the beefy luxury SUV still retains its recognisable Volvo rear and bulging taillights while adding a little pizzazz with the latest technical in-car wizardry.

Handsomely square-jawed at the front, the iconic Volvo radiator hides a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine and eight-speed gearbox which combined deliver immense turbocharged superpower to all four wheels. The 4 cyclinder turbocharged engine matched the performance of the Tesla sedan when it came to acceleration curves, yet relinquishes nothing in terms of its fabled safety record.

Volvo’s all-encompassing safety systems are equally suited for urban or suburban environments. Blind spot detection and lane departure warnings are superbly effective, allowing both driver and passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride. The auto braking system detects when an oncoming car crosses your path and applies the brakes for you sharpish. Steering assistance follows the path of the car ahead while Park Assist Pilot makes parallel parking and reverse-in parking almost impossible to mess up. All this makes Volvo XC90 hire read almost like futuristic science fiction, but it’s here and now.

Standard features that are nice to have when renting a Volvo XC90 include keyless passive entry system for locking and unlocking the vehicle and push-button ignition. The Sensus Connect in-car entertainment scores hire with those renting Volvo XC90 vehicles and has far more options than you can possibly explore in a single journey. The 10-speaker system is controlled from the 9-inch touchscreen info system which multitasks as it delivers navigation, awesome audio (satellite and HD radio), USB charging, Bluetooth communications and a rear-view camera.  

For family trips or business jaunts that require more than the average load space, a Volvo XC90 hire really comes into its own. Three rows of seats make this a comfortable 7-seater vehicle with plenty of legroom in the second row. It is one of the most generous SUVs in its class when it comes to legroom for the third row seats. Leather seats include 14-way power adjustable front seats and slide-and-recline second row seats, allowing everyone to find their ultimate comfort on even the longest journey.

If you’re hauling packages rather than people, the third row has a sensible 50/50 split while the 40-20-40 split of the second row gives the ultimate versatility for the longest skis and the bulkiest boxes.

Why Choose Volvo

If you’ve been a fan of Volvo in the past, you’ll love renting Volvo XC90 luxury SUVs. The upgraded luxury is palpable with plenty of leather and matte wood in the tastefully designed Swedish interior. Discreet touches of metal and a specially commissioned fine crystal gear knob are just some of the examples of Volvo’s dedication to designer detail. Turn the crystal knob slightly right to start the engine and slide your finger along the glassy barrel to adjust driving modes.

Although much has changed, some things remain the same, such as the male gender symbol (actually it’s the astrological symbol for Mars!) and the diagonal bar of this “iron” marque. Volvo brand’s reputation for safety is still world-renowned, making this a good choice if you are tackling wintry business trips or winter sports vacations. And when it comes to legroom and luggage space, this Volvo XC90 hire car comes top of the class.