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Comfort and Space with Luxury Van Rentals

Self-drive van hire can be a sensible solution if you’re struggling for space or need to carry 7, 8 or even 9 passengers in comfort and safety. These versatile people-movers are a great way for modern families or groups of workmates and friends to get around with a sensible amount of space for luggage and legroom.

Although longer and wider than a typical SUV, luxury minivan rentals are easy to drive. You’ll get surprisingly good all-round visibility from the elevated driver’s seat position and plenty of driver aids to help you with parking and reversing. If you’re looking for a luxury minibus hire, consider going upmarket with the Mercedes V-class, a luxury van that has an unbelievable amount of extras that will outshine even the best self-drive van hire. Here’s what Mercedes calls a luxury van rental!

Mercedes V-Class Rentals

Luxury minibus hire does not come better than the Mercedes V-class, and it’s more than just the brand name that puts this spacious vehicle ahead of its competitors. This plush people carrier has an unmistakable Mercedes front end and an elegant interior worthy of any luxury sedan within its spacious boxy shell. Walk down the 192-inch-long side of the “compact” van (211 inches with the longer wheelbase version) and appreciate the low-profile tyres that manage to convey a sporty look to this luxury minivan rental. Whether using it to shuttle VIPs in style or take family and friends out for a jaunt, the power-operated side door provides easy access for rear seat passengers at the touch of a button.

The Mercedes V-class comes with 16 inch steel wheels as standard, along with tried and tested disc brakes front and rear. The hill-start assist and trailer stabilization systems take the nightmare out of towing but even without a trailer you still get the benefits of a smooth, safety-conscious ride. Check out the cabana-sized panoramic sunroof flooding the interior with natural light and dispelling any sense of claustrophobia. Upgraded models will reveal a centre comfort system with a 5-litre cooler compartment for drinks and snacks. Bring your own Dom Perignon, or load up with cans and bottled water to keep the backseat passengers happy. LED-illuminated thermal cupholders and two iPad holders in the rear will keep kids of all ages happily occupied.

Ultimate Comfort of a V Class

The climatised front seats with comfortable armrests speak Mercedes fluently. Multiple seating configurations allow the front seats to swivel a full 180 degrees inwards and the third row can be converted into a bed. There’s also a folding and sliding table – ideal for playing games in the back two rows. All this is in addition to over 36 cubic feet of luggage space - and even more if you slide the rear seats forward a touch.

More a large-capacity family car than a multivan, this luxury van rental has the engine capacity to carry a larger-than-average load. Tweaked for the V-class, the engine has anything from 136-190 horsepower, making overtaking and cruising as effortless as any traditional sedan. Massive side windows provide uninterrupted views of the passing sights and climate control keeps all three rows of passengers comfortable, along with the upgraded suspension.

Even the dashboard has been treated to a wood or faux leather finish complete with stitching detail. The freestanding infotainment display screen sticks out prominently from the centre and is easy on the eye. Any child will be familiar with its touchpad fingertip controls which respond to scrolling, swiping and spread-zooming with fingertip precision. The surround sound system creates a comfortable ambience which can be enjoyed at the correct volume wherever you may be seated.

Active Parking Assist automatically manoeuvres this luxury minivan rental into tight spots when parallel parking and a 360-degree camera helps you slide into the tightest space with sublime confidence. The Side Wind Assist and Attention Assist combine luxury with safety, allowing drivers to relax and enjoy the drive as much as the passengers.

Why Choose Mercedes Luxury Van Rentals

There are plenty of luxury minivan rentals on the market, but only one meets the luxurious standard of Mercedes. Upgrade from a run-of-the-mill self-drive minibus hire to Mercedes luxury van rental and enjoy the added comfort, whether you’re a driver or passenger. If you want to enjoy the drive not endure it, you owe it to yourself to check out the Mercedes V-class for the best van rental currently available.