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A unique vision to create a sensational sports car with dynamic performance

Aston Martin Rapide S Specs

  • Top speed326 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.2 s
  • Engine6.0L V12
  • BHP550
  • X4
  • X4
  • X4

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Aston Martin Rapide S Info

Thinking of hiring the Aston Martin Rapide S, well, there is no need to think twice as this sports car represents a pinnacle of automotive luxury. Considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful car, the finest and best quality ingredients and materials have been utilised in its construction.

The team at Aston Martin conceived the idea of the Rapide S with a unique vision to create a sensational sports car with dynamic performance and exceptional comfort in just one captivating car. Ground breaking and yet possessing a classic elegance rent the Aston Martin rapide S, for a drive that will hold in your memory as being forever thrilling and sublime as the day you drove it.

The power of beauty

Nothing if not captivatingly beautiful, the Rapide S is infused with an enigmatic spirit and a slender body frame which allows for satisfyingly dynamic and agile handling. Embodying the very essence of the Aston Martin legacy of where “form meets function”, take a ride and enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax amongst the sumptuous lavish fittings, boastful capaciousness and the satisfying convenience of its many features.

Extreme power of Rapide engine

As to its features, the Rapide S comprises a AM29 V12 engine that is technologically advanced as it is to date the most powerful Rapide engine ever made. The veracity of this claim is found in its racing figures which includes a 0 to 100 launch of just 4.2 seconds, a 630 Nm count of torque and a practically boastful power output of 552 bhp, this figure represents an 18% increase from the very first Rapide model ever made.

These figures are all the more impressive when you consider that the Rapide S is a four door saloon. Harnessing the power, is a Touchtronic III ZF eight speed automatic transmission. With remarkable preciseness, power is pushed through at lightning speed which you will be able to discern with guaranteed satisfaction as the car adjusts itself to facilitate the rapid acceleration.

Whether your destination is the world’s most romantic city of Paris or the shores that line the Costa del Sol of Spain, the Aston Martin Rapide S will live up to the occasion with splendid flair.

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