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...The Audi Q3 is even more so a pleasureable SUV to drive

Audi Q3 Specs

  • Top speed202 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h7.8 s
  • Engine2.0L 4V
  • BHP200
  • X5
  • X5
  • X3

Audi Q3 Video

Audi Q3 Info

Simple but with a striking silhouette, the Audi Q3 has a coupe-type appearance despite its SUV capability and proportions. An enhanced development on earlier additions, the Q3 has an array of unique and subtle design features such as the 3D grille, a chrome plated tailpipe and eye catching LED headlights.

A classy SUV

Likely to arouse interest wherever it goes, the features on the inside becomes all the more inspiring. Make yourself comfortable with innovative fittings such as the Audi Drive Select and the electric lumbar support. The Audi Q3 is unquestionably a beautiful car to look at, but it is even more so a pleasureable SUV to drive.

Fun Driving experience

Rent the stylish Audi Q3 for a drive through Route Napoleon. This well known scenic drive starts in Grenoble, a legendary mountain town and winds up just west of Nice on the French Riviera. On your way pass through classic French towns such as Grasse, Dignes and Sisteron and make sure to stop for a coffee at any one of the quaint patisseries that there are to be found.

Along the way you will notice the Audi catching attention wherever it goes with its dazzling chrome trims and refined, yet modern look. Settle in and relax throughout the many hours on the road in the spacious 5 seater passenger cabin which is beautifully fitted in a quality leather upholstery. Yet the Audi Q3 hire also offers great practicality with 420 liters of boot space and seating flexibility to almost double that space if needed.  

Premium lighting

Drive the Audi Q3 at night and you’ll see this dynamic car come to life with its illuminating LED headlights. These advanced technology LEDs provide a continuous beam, lighting up the black ribbon of road ahead with almost day like vision clarity. During the day, their sleek and smooth design appears to further enhance the enticing element of the Audi Q3, where the LED indicators serve to complete its signature look.

Whether you are travelling with good friends or family, hire the Audi Q3 for a drive that will take you along France’s La Route des Grandes Alpes. This historic track of road starts at Lake Geneva and after 260 kilometers of scenic landscapes, snow-capped peaks and rugged mountain terrain also finally concludes along the warm sea shores of Nice.

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