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Go Beyond the Ordinary with Audi Rentals

Audi is one of the best-selling luxury marques in the automotive world, known for its high-end vehicles and advanced engineering, This German car manufacturer specialises in producing luxury vehicles from design to distribution. For those who want to enjoy the thrill of the open road, Audi delivers a powerful engine and an exhilarating ride in everything from a dashing two-seater sports convertible to a family-sized Q7 SUV hire car to seat seven passengers.

Drivers need to get hands-on to really appreciate Audi’s trademark "Advancement through Technology", best demonstrated with its trademark Quattro four-wheel drive system and high-tech automotive systems. Thanks to its pioneering use of aluminum, Audi also produces the lightest all-wheel-drive car in the full-size luxury car market, giving it the edge when it comes to speed and fuel economy.

Those who appreciate fine engineering, German-built precision and a fleet of vehicles that encapsulate power, speed and luxury will find an Audi rental that was designed exactly for them, whether it’s a luxury sedan, a sports utility vehicle or the ultimate sporty convertible.

Check out which of these Audi rental cars lights your fire!

Audi Luxury Sedans

Receiving full marks for design and performance by Car and Driver, the Audi A8 is the pinnacle of Germany’s luxury sedans. Passengers will love the uber-comfortable interior while drivers can be excused for drooling over the supercharged V6 engine and effortless performance from the all-wheel drive. Definitely an Audi car rental that should never be overlooked, the A8 will leave you craving for more.

Audi SUVs and Crossovers

Renting Audi SUVs makes good sense for those drivers with a yen for comfort, excitement and the better things in life. Adventure awaits with the Q7 luxury SUV which combines responsive driving with seats for up to seven passengers. The legendary engine effortlessly eats up the miles making driving a smooth and relaxing pleasure. With its IIHS award for Top Safety and a cluster of innovative driver technology at your fingertips, the Audi Q7 hire car is the ultimate way to go for those in the market for an upmarket SUV with that something extra…

Blaze your own trail with the Q5 Audi rental which provides all the comfort and power you would expect of a luxury sedan with all the space and versatility of a luxury SUV. Sharp design elements carry this Audi car rental to a new level in driver satisfaction, transferring a sense of awesomeness to the driver as they conquer the road ahead.

The Audi RS6, also known as the Quattro, is a mid-sized sports executive car designed to invoke driver envy. With a high-performance engine that makes short work of any challenge, this Racing Sport (RS) pioneers Audi’s trademark Quattro four-wheel drive system to provide the driver with maximum grip on the road for the ultimate handling experience. It’s a driver-win!

Audi Convertibles and Coupes

Audi has an impressive line-up when it comes to convertibles and coupes that create a buzz of adrenalin and make the heart beat a little faster. It’s hard to outshine the Audi TT when it comes to sporty good looks as this timeless classic coupe is never outdone. More than just a pretty face, the Audi TT hides a turbocharged engine and Driver Select Technology, stirring the driver to enjoy the relationship of man/woman and car in perfect harmony.

Top of the range, and guaranteed to stir the emotions of any red-blooded driver, the Audi R8 Spyder is a revolution on wheels. No wonder this powerful coupe won the World Performance Car Award 2016! Audi R8 hire gives you the chance to drive this purring beauty for yourself and give yourself the satisfaction of knowing how the best truly feels to drive.

Definitely earning more than a second glance, the Audi S5 Coupe with its supercharged engine shows that confidence and power can be enjoyed when renting Audi. Onlookers can be excused for ogling the quad exhausts which indicate sporting power that demands respect. Founded on a racing heritage, this Audi rental will outperform your highest expectations.

Whether you want a sports car, an SUV or a luxury sedan, renting Audi will more than get the job done.