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A real adventurer, the Porsche Cayenne is always ready to explore new grounds

Porsche Cayenne Specs

  • Top speed221 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h7.3 s
  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP285
  • X5
  • X5
  • X4

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Porsche Cayenne Info

For those times where you feel the urge just to drive, hire the Porsche Cayenne. The Cayenne rises to the occasion every time, capably making strides on any road. Its inherent sense of adventure means it is always ready to explore new grounds. If it is a dynamic driving experience that you are after, everyday practicality or an advanced array of technological systems, then your search is over as the Porsche Cayenne is the answer. Possessing it all with superb athletic capability.

A most dynamic drive

Ideal for a scenic drive through Alt Empordà of Andalusia in Spain, rent the Porsche Cayenne to trace the coastline along northern edge of Costa Brava. This route will take you past ancient Greek and Roman ruins at Empúries and the intriguing former home of Salvador Dalí that sits amidst the picturesque town of Cadaqués. Aboard the Cayenne enjoy the 8 speed Tiptronic S transmission that is intelligently engineered to lower fuel consumption whilst enhancing dynamic agility. Driven at lower speeds in the higher gears, the Cayenne is remarkably silent and will adapt well to your unique driving style.

Drive through the Cañón de Río Sil, Galicia’s most arresting landscape and put the Cayenne hire in coasting mode so that you can properly enjoy the views on offer. As part of the Cayenne’s energy saving technology, the coasting mode decouples the engine from the transmission so that the car slows down to an idle speed, giving you all the luxury to immerse yourself in the spectacular environment that surrounds you.

Enhanced quality of drive

Another feature to the Porsche Cayenne that greatly enhances the quality of the ride is the Traction Management system. This system synthesises the active all-wheel-drive configuration with the electronically variable, the automatic brake differential and the anti-slip regulation, amidst other mechanical functions. The benefit of this synthesis is that it helps to ensure optimum distribution of power between the permanently driven rear axle and the front axle.

In more everyday terms this means that there is a perfect distribution of torque to each of the wheels at all times. It’s a case of extreme power at the edge of your extremities, the outcome of which you are going to love.

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