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A drive in the Ferrari 458 Speciale keeps an unfailing promise of good times ahead

Ferrari 458 Speciale Specs

  • Top speed km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.0 s
  • Engine4.5 L V8
  • BHP605
  • X2
  • X2
  • X2

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Info

Slated by Ferrari themselves to be the most high performance Ferrari V8 model that they have ever built, a drive in the 458 Speciale is not surprisingly, highly sought after. Indeed, this Ferrari supercar boasts an impressive array of advanced technical features, giving it a competitive edge that sets it apart from other performance cars of the supercar class.

Extreme technology, Exceptional performance

Hire the Ferrari 458 Speciale and take a drive in a highly focused supercar that offers extreme driving emotions. The overall body shape of the 458 Speciale was engineered to have a compact body frame and sculptured to enhance performance. Performance was a leading priority for the design team at Ferrari who collaborated in their efforts with Pininfarina. Indeed innovations span the entire length of the vehicle particularly in relation to the engine, active aerodynamics and vehicle mechanics each with a number of patents due to being the products of innovative world first inventions.

The expression of pure speed

The bold exterior of the Ferrari 458 Speciale rental has been designed with similar panels that are to be found on the bodywork of the 458 italia, keeping the same size of the passenger cell compartment and signature design elements. Incorporations include thick glass panels that have reduced the curb weight and allow for more dynamic road handling. Ideal for a drive into the gold gilded principality of Monaco or the dazzling nightlife of Marbella in Spain, the Ferrari 458 Speciale keeps an unfailing promise of good times ahead.   

In search for the essential, the driver’s cockpit has a singular focused intention to command the road. The racing inspired atmosphere in combination with lightweight materials of carbon fiber and Alcantara, exude a sense of skilled craftsmanship and sporting pedigree. Consistent to the Ferrari design the interior is characterised by hand stitching, aluminium tread plates and fluidly sculpted door panels. Furthermore, materials are overlapped to form a visual break up and emphasise the comfort and luxury element of the pedigree car.

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