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Dream Wild and Untamed with Jaguar Hire

Eager to demonstrate its power, yet able to blend into the background when necessary, Jaguar rentals are the epitome of grace with pace, symbolized by the leaping Jaguar badge. Gorgeous to behold, the Jaguar brand models itself on one of the largest, fastest and most powerful wild animals in the world, providing an exciting drive in the urban jungle or open plain.

Known for their revolutionary sports cars that represented the ultimate in speed, Jaguar has evolved to meet the changing demands of drivers. The fleet of Jaguar rentals now includes the latest F-type two-seater sports car, the powerful XJ sedan and the F-PACE luxury SUV. Jaguar car rentals have something for every occasion, from sporty and flirtatious to dashing and spacious. The most difficult task is choosing which to drive from this enticing Jaguar line-up.

Jaguar Sports Cars

Returning to its early passion as a sports car marque, Jaguar has redrawn its latest offering to create the sensational F-type. Demonstrating power and agility, this two-seater roadster has the generic Jaguar bonnet with a new look grill and headlights. The coupe back gives an illusion of speed before the car gets out of first gear, promising a thriller driver-focused experience with every Jaguar F-type rental.

The supercharged engine throbs like the heart of a stallion rising to meet every demand made on the accelerator pedal. Advanced braking and sophisticated all-wheel drive make every moment count in this ultimate performance supercar.

Jaguar Luxury Sedans

Following in the footsteps of a long line of iconic luxury saloons, the Jaguar XJ is the pinnacle of the luxury sedan market. Sporty dynamics meet opulent luxury in this beautiful sedan that seems to have been designed with one flowing pencil line from shapely bonnet to curvacious coupe rear.

While the driver gets to enjoy a range of high-tech enhancements, passengers can stretch out and enjoy the air-cushioned ride. Judged “exceptional” by owners when it was first launched, the XJ received the highest total quality score in the Strategic Vision Luxury Car market segment for 2016. If that isn’t recommendation enough to rent a Jaguar, perhaps its powerful character will convince you. The turbocharged engine features an intelligent stop-start to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing the acceleration and handling of this luxury sedan. With low revs, 8-speed transmission and adaptive dynamics, the XJ may be more in control than you think.

When it comes to technical controls, Jaguar car hire excels. A state-of-the-art Touch Pro System and 8-inch touchscreen make the interface child’s play while the predictive navigation system makes it easy to find exactly where you want to be.

Jaguar Crossover SUVs

Combining driver exhilaration with the demands of a family, the Jaguar F-Pace delivers a technologically supreme drive with the space and versatility of a crossover SUV. The fully-equipped cockpit incorporates everything you need to get from A to B with a choice of entertainment to add to the driving pleasure.

A silver leaping Jaguar decorates the easy-handle steering wheel which has more buttons and gizmos than a Sony PlayStation. The dramatic looks of this head-turning Jaguar SUV are matched by sensational performance figures and top reviews from the motoring who’s who. Aided by its aerodynamic shape from meaty front haunches to roof-edge spoiler, this sporty motor manages to deliver minimal drag and impressive fuel economy. High-speed stability provides reassuring driver confidence in a Jaguar car rental that is designed to go far.

Why Choose the Jaguar Brand

Arguably the most famous luxury brand in the world, the Jaguar has stood the test of time. Still the marque of choice for wealthy Wall Street stockbrokers and Japan’s nouveau riche, it is a luxury brand that is known to deliver an exciting drive that buzzes with emotion. Early Jaguar success in international motorsports set the tone for generations of eye-catching sports cars including the legendary Jaguar E-type. This prestigious brand is known for setting the trend and that attitude continues to evolve in the latest Jaguar models.

Whether you are seduced by the open-top delights of the Jaguar F-type rental, the sleek lines of the Jaguar XJ or the latest Jaguar F-PACE rental, you will certainly enjoy the ultimate comforts of this luxury brand, every moment and every mile.