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The Audi RS6 represents the pinnacle of luxury car travel...

Audi RS6 Specs

  • Top speed305 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.7 s
  • Engine4L V8
  • BHP552
  • X5
  • X4
  • X5

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Audi RS6 Info

Hire the Audi RS6 and experience luxury in motion. This luxury Avant possesses an air of timeless elegance whilst utilizing the best of what contemporary automotive technology has to offer. It is unquestionably the perfect rental for corporate business travel as much as it is for a family weekend away.

Smooth and comfortable ride

Passengers will all too quickly find themselves exceptionally comfortable seated in the luxurious seats that have been upholstered with a honeycomb Valcona leather. The ride is remarkably smooth thanks to the RS adaptive air suspension and the drive features are all easily adapted with HDD based infotainment system that uses MMI Touch. The Audi RS6 represents the pinnacle of luxury car travel, and you won't want to miss out on the ride.

Lighter and faster than ever

The advanced performance handling of the Audi RS6 is born out of the efficient engineering bestowed into the design of the Avant. Yet, the design of the RS6 is intended to not just to raise eyebrows but to enhance the aerodynamics as much as possible. This focus on aerodynamics is also evident in the adaptive air suspension that responds to changes in speed as well as reducing the drag coefficient.

Capable of reaching high speeds but without any compromise on ride quality, the Audi Space Frame is also an integral part of the Audi RS6’s efficient aerodynamics. The Audi Space Frame consists of a range of lightweight, but high strength materials that have been incorporated into its production. Simple, but powerful, this lightweight concept makes it significantly easier for the engine to propel the station wagon forward but with minimal consumption of fuel.

Rent the luxury Audi RS6 for a scenic drive through Italy's much loved and much regaled region of Tuscany. Savour the drive as much as you can savour the taste of Tuscany's exceptional gastronomy. Book a stay in a classic villa, for which there are many to be found in the renaissance city of Florence.

Take a seat inside the RS6 and head off to enjoy a day that should never be forgotten with visits to grand museums, edgy and contemporary galleries and the opportunity to eat some of the best food that you will ever taste in your life.

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