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Don’t compromise and take a drive in an iconic Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC Specs

  • Top speed315 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.0 s
  • Engine4L V8
  • BHP582
  • X2
  • X4
  • X4

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Bentley Continental GTC Info

Lesson # 1: If you have your heart set on something, you should never compromise. Hire the Bentley Continental GT Convertible and you will not have to. The GT Convertible is an exceptionally refined and regal sports car, that in remarkable fashion offers supercar levels of performance, but with the spacious and lavish fittings of an exquisite luxury car.

When the dream that your heart is set on is to take a drive in an iconic open top gran tourer, don’t compromise, rent the Bentley Continental GTC.

Striking looks

The design of the Bentley Continental GT Convertible is absolutely exquisite with every line, crease and swirl hewn with exacting precision within the millimeter. The view from the front of the GT Convertible gives the impression of it being crafted from one single solid sheet of metal, as the car seamlessly appears to change form without any distinct break.

As the bodyline glides towards the back it forms into a muscular curve around the rear wheel’s haunch, giving the effect of a wide and confident stance. Bentley achieves this muscular and yet elegant look by “superforming”, this is a design technique where an extremely hot temperature of 450ºC and substantial air pressure is used to form these immaculately tailored lines. Adding to its prominence are the distinct headlamps that are inset and flank both sides of the iconic Bentley mesh grille.

Feel the rush of power

Yet as spectacular as it is to look at, we promise you this, it is even more exhilarating to drive. Sit yourself behind the wheel of the Bentley COntinental GT Convertible hire and experience the rush of power that is produced when you start the engine of this twin-turbo W12. As you flex your right foot over the acceleration pedal a seemingly effortless flow of power will course its way through the 8 speed transmission, allowing you to reach 100km/h in just 4.4 seconds and then a maximum speed of 315 km/h.

Lesson #2: The perfect moment must always be seized. As a specimen of automotive excellence, perfection in the same caliber of the Bentley Continental GTC seldom comes around twice. Hire the Bentley Continental GTC for that long awaited trip to rub shoulders with celebrities in Cannes and then continue westwards along the stunning French Riviera towards the Principality of Monaco.

Life should not be lived in halves, on the contrary the perfect drive demands the perfect luxury car rental.

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