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Executive Car Hire: the Ultimate Business Trip

One of the perks of business travel has to be the opportunity to drive an executive car rental to transport you in luxurious comfort to your next business consultation or board meeting. Our handpicked selection of executive car rentals embraces some of the top luxury marques including Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. Take your pick from this selection of executive cars for hire which all combine safety and comfort with top engineering for the ultimate smooth ride.


Leading the way forward in executive luxury rentals, the BMW X5 is a popular premium SUV yet has all the attributes you need in an executive car hire. It has the road power and safety track record to get you where you need to be whether navigating city streets or speeding along European motorways and autobahns. The comfortable seats extend to the backseat where three passengers can adjust their seat position and take advantage of some of the features of this upmarket executive car.

Porsche Panamera 

The sporty-looking Porsche Panamera is as pleasing to drive as it is to look at. Displaying the flowing lines of classic Porsche models, the Panamera has an unusual amount of legroom and space for a sports car. Smooth lines enhance its aerodynamic success while contoured seats deliver a comfortable drive position at the helm. The broad dashboard has a 12-inch touchscreen display for clarity while a range of dials and virtual instruments keep tabs on everything, providing a memorable drive Porsche-style.

Audi A6 Saloon

Designed to challenge the status quo of its competitors, the Audi A6 saloon delivers the ultimate executive vehicle hire with its innovative technology and comfortable ride. The impressive power beneath the bonnet translates into a brilliant performance whether maneuvering in traffic or out on the open road. Drivers love the responsive gearbox and assertive character that permeates the Audi stable, including the Audi A6 saloon, making this a popular choice as the best executive car rental.

Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is an exemplary car which ticks all the boxes for executives looking for a hire car that provides grace with pace. Whether sitting behind the wheel of this sports-infused Jaguar or conducting business in the backseat office, this high performance saloon surrounds you with luxury and good taste. Designed to satisfy all the senses, it calms and stimulates in equal measure to provide a driving experience you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Mercedes E Class Cabrio

Executive car rentals are never boring, as the Mercedes E Class Cabrio demonstrates so well. Combining all the proven luxury features of its sister models with a carefree cabrio hood, this Mercedes is the perfect choice for summer driving in Europe, whether for business or pleasure. With the capacity to transport four passengers and their luggage in the ultimate carefree comfort, this is an executive car for those who want to inject a little fun into their working day.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is a popular executive luxury rental with all the benefits that this revered marque has to offer. This high-end SUV delivers a smooth ride combined with the latest technology that extends from the dashboard to the onboard entertainment system with its iPod integration and Bang and Olufsen speakers. Adaptive cruise control and an automatic drive select system intelligently respond to your commands to deliver a unique driving experience that takes all the stress out of driving.

Mercedes GL

The supremely comfortable Mercedes GL is the ideal choice for those wanting an executive hire car that is both familiar and satisfying. The all-wheel drive and twin turbo engine combine to deliver a smooth and powerful ride on both long and short journeys. The Mercedes GL is an excellent choice for those wanting an executive car with maximum luggage space, whether heading to set up a conference or taking the family on holiday. This tried and tested marque is always a joy to drive in all situations and road conditions making it a top pick for executives who know exactly what they want.

With a choice of executive car rentals ranging from flirty cabrios to spacious saloons and SUVs, we have the perfect executive car hire option to meet every discerning driver’s need.