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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Belgium


Sophisticated art lovers travel the world, exploring galleries and museums to view and delight in iconic works by the great masters. You have arrived in Brussels to drive the Art Trail and Empera will meet you at the Airport or at Brussels Central Station with your exclusive car. Prefer to collect it at your hotel or after dinner at the famous Nüetnigenough Restaurant? No problem! Our Meet and Greet team is totally flexible and will welcome you wherever you are. There will be no queues, no reams of paperwork and no tension. Simply tell us where you will be and we will be there too.


Plan your self-drive trip and we will fit in with your itinerary. We will deliver the car to your point of departure and collect it at your destination. No matter how close or far apart the cities are, we offer an exclusive one-way luxury car rental service in Europe. On the Art Trail, collect in Brussels and leave the car in Ghent. If you explore our 5 best driving routes, we can arrange pick up in Bastogne, Bouillon or anywhere else you wish to end your tour.


For your driving trip around Belgium, you need a really fabulous little number to match your classy style. We offer an extensive range of high-end Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini models. We have the latest sedans to suit a conservative lifestyle and tough, spacious SUVs for family trips.

Should you have any questions, call our friendly consultants and they will help you out immediately. Our professional team will be delighted to suggest the perfect high-end car for your Belgium trip.


At Empera, we have an immense range of luxury cars from which you can choose, your dream model is guaranteed to be there. We know that when it comes to luxury cars, settling for second best is simply not an option and we will provide the exact model you order.

If this is your first experience driving a premium car, don't stress, one of our professional consultants will show you the ropes before you set out. You will be amazed at what these superb cars offer in terms of comfort, style and cutting edge technology.


Feel the power in your hands when you cruise around Belgium in a stunning BMW, Porsche or Ferrari. For something totally way-cool the BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor, show-off scissor doors and speed to thrill. For a romantic twosome, we suggest the iconic Porsche 911 Cabrio, drop the top and feel the pioneering technology on the open road. If Ferrari is your dream, the Ferrari 458 Italia is waiting. This vivacious baby oozes Italian class, pizazz and style!  


Belgium is an art lover’s dream. From Renaissance to Romanticism, from Sir Peter Paul Rubens to Anthony van Dyck, the art world delights in the galleries and museums showcasing these iconic works. Tour these venues and then explore the beautiful countryside, rich culture and picture-perfect villages before returning to the city for dinner at a world class fine-dining restaurant.

Route 1 - Belgian Art Trail - Brussels to Ghent

Collect your BMW i8 in Brussels and head for the Bruegel Room at the Museum of Ancient Art. This treasure trove includes an exceptional collection of Flemish Primitives with works by Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling amongst others. Continue north to Antwerp to explore the life of Rubens. Enjoy lunch at the Sir Anthony Van Dyck Restaurant. The dining room doubles as a contemporary art gallery. Head west to Bruges and visit the Madonna of Bruges by Michelangelo, which has stood in the Church of Our Lady since 1514. Back in your premium car, turn west to Ghent and see the Ghent Altarpiece by Hubrecht and Jan van Eyck. This 12-panelled polyptych is considered to be a masterpiece of Netherlandish art. Take an audio guide to fully enjoy the full majesty of this artwork!

Route 2 - 5-driving-roads in Belgium

Tour Belgium in your snazzy Porsche 911 Cabrio! Set off on the Tour of the Bulge where you will visit the most legendary battle sites of World War II. Then enjoy the fairytale castles on a trip from Bohan, along the river and into the walled city of Bouillon. If you are an avid historian, follow in Napoleon’s footsteps, from Beaumont toward Charleroi and be awed at the site of the Battle of Waterloo. Then relax on a country drive, taking in the green fields and lush forests. End your journey where it suits you, in Bastogne, Bouillon or in Ghent. We will pick up your premium car from wherever you want.