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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Zurich


Arriving with all that designer ski-gear and cutting-edge equipment for a fabulous skiing holiday? Don't let transport arrangements take up any of your precious time. Simply let us know where you will be, an airport, a train station or a cruise port, and the Empera Meet and Greet team will be there waiting, next to your gleaming luxury car. We specialise in offering a queue-free, hassle-free and seamless car rental service that will impress the most demanding traveller.


Nothing beats the sound of engine when you start up your exotic car.

Your senses are tuned and ready to experience an amazing driving sensation! At Empera, we offer a huge range of luxury cars to suit every desire. We will supply your dream car or find the best car suited for your needs. Travelling with a business group, a family or as a couple? We have posh sedans, spacious SUVs and fun sporty convertibles. Give us a call if you need advice, you will soon be behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche or Lamborghini.


Never let the logistics of car rental impede on your travel plans. Do you want to drive from the eastern border of Switzerland to the western border and then continue into France? We will arrange to collect your high-class car where ever you choose to leave it. Travel one-way with total peace of mind and we will fit in with your plans.

On our first recommended route, collect in Zurich and leave your car for pick up at Mount Titlis. Or collect in Zurich and drive over the breathtaking St Gotthard Pass and leave your rental in Airolo for us to pick up. This unique service will make your travel plans a breeze.


When you order a luxurious bright red Porsche, you do not want to end up with anything else as a nasty surprise. At Empera, we have an extensive range of exotic cars and we guarantee to supply exactly the car you order, no questions or last minute shocks.  

If you have never driven an exclusive car before, let us introduce you to this fabulous experience. We will suggest the model best suited for you, be it a business trip, a long road journey or a fun few days exploring one city.


For that super wow-factor, streaking along in a red Ferrari 488 GTB is the ultimate adrenaline rush on the roads of Switzerland. This supremely costly car is sure to thrill. For a family option, choose our Porsche Cayenne, it is a mid-sized SUV with a sporty feel, satisfying both the driver and passengers. The Mercedes S Class delights with its powerful flagship presence and is ideal to take the conference delegates out to dinner. Let us find the perfect premium car for your needs.   


Set off for some fabulous sight-seeing in the Swiss Alps and then decide whether you are brave enough to drive along one of the most spine-tingling mountain passes in Switzerland.

Route 1 -  Zurich-Lucerne- Mount Titlis

After exploring Zurich, collect your Ferrari 488 GTB outside your hotel and head south west to Lucerne on a magnificent scenic drive of just under an hour. Located on the banks of Lake Altdorf, legend tells that this is where William Tell shot the apple off his son's head. See the lovely Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe and then explore the fascinating Swiss Transport Museum.

Back in your high-end car, continue south to Engelberg, under the towering Mount Titlis. Take the cable car up to the dizzying heights for spectacular Alpine views. Ride in the Ice Flyer Chairlift and see the fascinating ice boulders and deep crevasses. Then for extra thrills, walk across the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

Route 2 - St Gotthard Pass

Settle down into the comfort of your Porsche Cayenne and leave Zurich, heading for the most spine-tingling drive of your life over the St Gotthard Pass. Bypass Lucerne and keep going until to reach the Canton of Uri, about one and a half hours away. The Pass climbs up to 7000 feet and the road twists and turns with awe-inspiring cliffs views and heart stopping drops into the valleys. Kids will be thrilled at the Devil’s Bridge,

named after an ancient folklore tale. Then go underground through the Gotthard Road Tunnel, an amazing 17km long motorway, 3000 feet beneath the Pass. This Pass is dangerous at night and in wet conditions and it carries large volumes of traffic so drive carefully! When you arrive in Airolo, catch your breath at the Ristorante Airolo. Leave your car here for pick up and head for the ski slopes.