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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Stockholm


You have arrived in Stockholm after a lovely journey into the city by train. Walking out into the sunshine, you see the Empera consultant with your luxury car and you know that this will be fun! Empera will Meet and Greet you anywhere you choose in Stockholm. We will ensure that you are familiar with the car and then you can drive straight to the Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm where you can relax for a few days before starting your road trip. Our luxury car rental service is exceptionally easy to use, no fuss and no queues.


Collect your car in Stockholm, Sweden and we will arrange to pick it up in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is so convenient to be able to pick up your exotic car in one city and drop if off in another – who else offers such excellent service? On our first route from Stockholm to Copenhagen, an epic eight hour journey, you will travel through two countries. On our second route, you will drive from Stockholm to Östersund and explore Sweden from north to south and east to west. We will collect wherever your destination may be.


We have such an extensive range of luxury top class cars from which you can choose that we are certain to have the one you want.

Our consultants are on call 24/7 and are there for any queries you may have. Whether you are a fan of Ferrari, Mercedes or Porsche, we have the car for you. Our categories cover sports models, sedate sedans and spacious SUVs for your family. If you are not sure which one to choose, we will be thrilled to give you some pointers to help you make up your mind.


If you are a first time driver of an exotic rental car, you will not be disappointed. Whatever car you fancy, we are sure to have it in our extensive luxury car range. Are you wanting to impress your clients? There is no better way than to hire one of our top class sedans. Travelling with friends? Tell us which exclusive spacious SUV you require. When we meet you at the arranged collection point, we will ensure that you are totally up to speed with the features of your stylish vehicle. Nothing is too much trouble for us.


How about a super red Ferrari 458 Italia with a retractable folding hard top and superb in-cabin comfort? Or you can choose a different convertible top in our Porsche 911 Cabrio. This beauty is perfect for those country roads with an integrated wind deflector and unsurpassed power.

If you are a Mercedes fan, we suggest the dynamic and sporty AMG GTS coupé, it is in a league of its own! Three top cars, three top models – which one will it be?


You love the open road and are prepared to travel long distances exploring in your exclusive car. Here are two fabulous trips for the intrepid traveller.

Route 1 – Driving from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Set off in your gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia and head south west along the scenic roads of Sweden. This road trip will take a few days and cover 650 km, with enchanting towns to stop at along the route.

Head for the Medieval city of of Norrköping, nicknamed 'The Manchester of Sweden' because of its history in the textile industry. Stop and enjoy a mind-blowing experience at the Visualization Center C, a massive 3D interactive theatre. Continue to Linköping, a vibrant city with a rich cultural history. Stop over at the Best Western for the night. Next morning set off to Jonköping with breathtaking views of Lake Vättern. Cross west to Gothenburg, a bustling city where you can explore the famous Art Museum and stroll around the Feskekôrka, fish market. Then it is off to Malmö and across the iconic Öresund Bridge. Make sure you take photos of this amazing structure! Once on the Danish side, head to Copenhagen where we will meet you to pick up your rental car.

Route 2 –Grand Tour of Sweden

Step into your fabulous Mercedes AMG GTS and set off to discover Sweden. Start in Stockholm where world-class museums will delight those who love history. Explore Lund, a hip student town with a famous Cathedral. Malmö has Scandinavia's tallest building and the amazing Öresund bridge. Back in your car, head for Gothenburg, rich in history and culture with quaint canals and fun coloured houses. For a taste of the country, Dalarna is set amongst rolling hills, endless meadows of flowers and offers idyllic log cabins for a perfect night's rest. End your trip in Östersund, a charming lakeside town where we will collect your car.