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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Sweden

Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Sweden


Welcome to Sweden! You have come to explore the more remote parts of this beautiful country on a stunning road trip. Empera's Meet and Greet team will deliver your premium car to any location you choose. We will meet you in a small village, at a restaurant or at your hotel. We take the stress out of travel arrangements, no queues, no reams of paperwork, no stress to find a car rental depot, we come to you. Just step in and set off.


Travelling on the stunning E4 High Coast? We will be waiting to meet you in Härnösand with your luxury car and will then pick it up in Örnsköldsvik. Coasting along the 535 Road? This exclusive service allows you to travel one-way without any worry about car rental. We accommodate your needs and cater for one way trips, there is no reason to have to come back to where you started for car drop off.


Driving an exotic car offers a magnificent way to explore Sweden. At Empera, we have an extensive range that allows us to offer you the best luxury cars in the world. Think Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and more! Choose your dream car and we will have it for you or chat to our consultants, they are always available to make suggestions if you want to try something different. Talk to us about family, business and pure ego-boosting vehicles, we will help you find the perfect set of wheels.


We have a huge range of luxury cars and your model of choice is guaranteed to be there. We know that nothing less will do when you order a superb Lamborghini or a stylish Ferrari.  If this is your first time driving a supercar, don't stress, one of our friendly consultants will show you all there is to know before you set out. Don't dream about driving a car of this calibre, you need to experience it.


Make your drive in Sweden unforgettable. Push the boundaries of power and style in a Porsche Panamera, it offers the unique exhilaration of a sports car in a 4-door option. Be inspired by a grand tourer of note, the Ferrari California Turbo. This beauty is the ultimate in form, innovation and super performance.

Don't have nightmares about kids in the car on a long road trip! With a massive comfortable cabin for seven people, travelling with a family will be a delight in our Audi Q7.  


For the intrepid explorer, Sweden offers routes that are breathtakingly beautiful. Leave the city behind and head into the snow capped mountains, through spruce forests and picture-perfect villages in your elite car.

Route 1 - From Ljungdalen to Asarna (route 535)

Snow lovers who want to test their car on a challenging drive will be thrilled to drive the remote trip from Ljungdalen to Asarna, a scenic road of 160 km. Collect your elite Audi Q7 in Ljungdalen, a picture-perfect village nestling amongst towering Alpine mountains and flanked by the

Ljungan River. This village, filled with quaint little wooden huts is known for the stunning Helags glacier. Head out south east on Route 535 towards Åsarna on a spectacular drive passing crystal clear lakes, over mountain passes and through valleys filled with spruce forests. As the road twists and turns with breathtaking bends, enjoy your premium car which is designed to handle it! You will see lumberjacks at work stacking wood at the railway sidings and may even pass the local bus that travels along this route. When you reach Åsarna, spend the night at the Big Moose Hotel and we will pick up your car from here.

Route 2 -  E4 High Coast of Sweden

Our next fabulous drive takes you from Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik along the famous E4 Highway on the High Coast. This entire region is a Unesco World Heritage Site with stunning views and unforgettable ambiance. Collect your Porsche Panamera in Härnösand and head north up the coast. The road runs high above the Gulf of Bothnia on the plateaux and the steep sheer cliffs dropping to blue lakes with picture-postcard villages nestling on their banks will take your breath away. Drive over the famous Högakustenbron, a suspension bridge with a 200m high pylons that crosses the massive Ångerman River. If you enjoy sport, stop to take a hike, cross-country ski or do some fishing. If you prefer to remain in your car, head to Örnsköldsvik and stop for lunch at the famous Restaurant Linnea & Peter, known for exclusive Scandinavian fare. We will collect your car from here.