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Our Luxury Car Rental Services in Gibraltar


After soaking up British 'afternoon-tea' culture in Gibraltar, rent a fabulous luxury car and explore the south of Spain. Take the family and enjoy a few relaxed days soaking up the sun on Mediterranean beaches, sampling tapas and exploring the famous Alhambra. Our superior Meet and Greet service will meet you anywhere you choose with the keys to your premium rental car. We come to you, no queuing, no paperwork, no time restraints. Empera's VIP service is designed to accommodate the most demanding clients, anywhere, any time.


Collect your high-class car in Gibraltar and head for Spain without any second thoughts or concerns about where to return the car. Empera will meet you in Ronda or Malaga, depending on which one of our recommended road trips you decide to explore. This exclusive service is designed to fit in with your itinerary, no matter how many borders you cross. Collect your elite car in one country and leave it for pick up in another, nothing could be more flexible or easy to arrange.  


Driving a luxury car defines your sense of style and sets you apart from the crowd. We offer an extensive range to suit all types of self-drive road trips, from elegant and spacious sedans for business trips, to sleek and sporty open top coupés for a romantic get-away and large off-road vehicles for a family. If you need guidance, our consultants will be delighted to assess your needs and make your trip an unforgettable experience. Don't let iconic names like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi and Porsche make you hesitate. Drive one and become part of the elite set.


Does the thought of driving a supercar make your fingers tingle to get behind the wheel? We will supply the exact model you want, be it a bold red Lamborghini Huracan Spyder or a stunning black Porsche Cayenne. We have a huge fleet of hand picked luxury cars from around the globe and we guarantee to have the exact model you want at the location you choose. No excuses and no substitutions, we understand your requirements and we will meet your expectations.


Travelling with kids does not mean that you need to forsake style and class. Drive our fabulous Porsche Panamera, a sports car for everyday use. To satisfy that need for speed, our Ferrari 488 GTB will fly along the roads of Spain and delight with its sensuous low, sleek lines and mind-blowing speed. Nothing beats the class of Mercedes and our E Class Cabrio makes the perfect getaway car for a road trip. Give us a call to find out about these and other premium rental options.


Although Gibraltar is very much a British Territory, it is a stone's throw away from the hot and steamy south coast of Spain, filled with tapas bars, sun drenched beaches and wild exotic flamenco dancers. Take a road trip in one of our luxurious cars to explore this magnificent countryside.

Route 1 - Gibraltar to Ronda    

Drive from Gibraltar to Ronda on a fabulous scenic two hour trip through Spain in your premium Ferrari 488 GTB. Head north along the coast, driving through the beautiful Parque natural de Los Alcornocales, Cork Oak Groves, which are native to the Mediterranean region. As you drive along watch out for the white storks nesting on top of the power lines. Views of the small traditional white-washed villages, pueblos blanco, make picture-perfect scenes dotted amongst the mountains.

Stop to explore the Castillo de Jimena and then turn inland towards Ronda located in the Valle del Genal. The town offers an impressive sight, set on either side of a deep gorge with a massive bridge crossing it. Explore both sides and then stop for a traditional meal at the lovely Casa Santa Pola overlooking the ravine. We will meet you here to pick up your Ferrari.

Route 2 - Road Trip South of Spain

From the fiery Flamenco to the stunning Medieval architecture, the south of Spain makes for a fabulous road trip. Take your time and drive the family in a stylish Porsche Panamera. Collect your prestigious car in Alicante and head southwest on a three hour drive to Granada. When you arrive you must go straight to the famous Alhambra which will have the whole family enthralled. Relax in the magnificent Generalife Gardens filled with fountains and sculptures. Continue down to the coast to Malaga, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Visit his home and see his art. Soak up the sun on a Mediterranean beach and then settle down at a local tavern with a plate of tapas while soft Andalusian music soothes your soul.