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The GT S model fulfills the dreams of people who love performance motoring

Mercedes AMG GT S Specs

  • Top speed310 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.8 s
  • Engine4L V8
  • BHP510
  • X2
  • X2
  • X3

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Mercedes AMG GT S Info

Rent the Mercedes AMG GT S and welcome yourself into the world of high performance driving. While the AMG range of cars is known as particularly prestigious for their feats of speed and power, the GT S model takes it to that next level and fulfills the dreams of people who love performance motoring.

Addictive power

The AMG GT S is built with a handmade 4.0 liter V8 Biturbo engine which delivers exhilarating power. Contributing to the incredible performance handling of the sports car is the forged aluminium double wishbone suspension. While it sounds complicated, this nifty asset is attached to all four wheels to maximise strength and rigidity whilst at the same time keeping the weight down for more precise handling. Inspired from the race track the Mercedes AMG GT S also features a speed sensing dynamic power steering which provides optimum responses to hairpin turns and small adjustments in the drive. The AMG high performance braking system uses race-tested technology to provide excellent heat dissipation and stability even at extreme temperatures, a particularly relevant feature if you intend to down the accelerator on this car.

High-performance technology 

Despite much of the racing technology being siphoned right off the formula 1 race track, this car is most certainly intended for the urban route with a suite of driving enhancement and safety features. The AMG GT S is built with a number of advanced restraints and active safety systems having undergone a thorough testing regimen from which it came out in flying colours.  

A number of the GT S’s driving and safety features includes Attention Assist that monitors up to 70 parameters of driving conditions and automatically alerting the driver both visually and audibly with warnings if it detects a hazard or signs of the driver’s own levels of drowsiness. The AMG GT S is fitted with 8 advanced airbags that provide protected in a variety of possible collisions while there are also daytime LED running lights and tail lamps that provide further visibility to other oncoming cars, by illuminating whenever the car is in use.    

Whether you have a road trip planned to travel Italy’s Tuscany region or for a glamorous drive through Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco, consider hiring the Mercedes AMG GT S as this car offers both unrestrained power and style.

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