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The Mercedes AMG GT is ideal for anyone with a serious addiction to power and speed

Mercedes AMG GT Specs

  • Top speed304 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.0 s
  • Engine4L V8
  • BHP462
  • X2
  • X2
  • X3

Mercedes AMG GT Video

Mercedes AMG GT Info

Designed by the racers, the AMG GT is the ideal luxury car rental for anyone with a serious addiction to power and speed. The motor engineering is nothing short of genius with a handmade AMG 4.0L “dry sump” V8 which puts thrusting power into a new era of motor design. Producing 462 hp, the engine propels this car forward at a rate of 4 seconds over 100 km/h while creating the soundtrack of a ferocious roar.

Stunning beauty and performance

A coming together of both the beauty and the beast, the Mercedes AMG GT rental may be powerful, but it is no less a thing of beauty. As if sculpted by the wind the AMG GT has a tautly drawn shape with proportions that emphasise its rear wheel drive power and symbiotically balanced chassis. Every smooth surface and aerodynamic edge brings together purpose with poise to the effect of leaving a flutter in the pit of your stomach.

Outstanding driving dynamics

Representing a height of automotive technology, hire the Mercedes AMG GT and familiarise yourself with the AMG Dynamic Select. This is manipulated by a console knob that is finely tuned to the car’s spacial dimensions. Each mode has the means to adapt the throttle, gear changes amidst many more functions, according to your driving preferences.

For a drive along the French Riviera into the port principality of Monaco you may choose to drive in comfort mode. However if you are climbing the steep cliff sides of the Ligurian coast, the Sport plus mode may well be your preferred choice. These modes, easy to use are also incredibly savvy as they intelligently tune in to the available adaptive suspension and exhaust, automatically adapting to the environment without any external input.

We only live once, make sure this lifetime includes at least one drive in our Mercedes AMG GT rental.

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