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Progress has reached its pinnacle in the form of the BMW X5

BMW X5 Specs

  • Top speed210 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h6.8 s
  • Engine3.0L V8
  • BHP306
  • X4
  • X5
  • X7

BMW X5 Video

BMW X5 Info

Progress has reached its pinnacle in the form of the BMW X5. Hire this incredible luxury four wheel drive and enjoy its advanced technologies like the head up display delivering driving information that will put you eye to eye with every encounter and the BMW Connected Drive system providing mobile apps and an array of functions. Likewise, the back passengers can sit back and enjoy the rear seat entertainment console, that includes a DVD player with the ability to tilt and adjust as you please.

Comfort, Space and Practicality

As you take a seat inside the BMW X5 rental, one thing that may astound you is the copious amount of space. At the front, the seats are elevated, providing you with an excellent range of vision, there are two rows of available seating, so that the BMW X5 can seat up to 7 adults, and yet still leaving heaps of luggage space in the rear compartment. So, whether you choose to travel to Italy’s beautiful locations of Positano and Florence or to visit the remote Swiss cities of Lausanne and Berne, we recommend hiring the BMW X5 for its great versatility. There is a dual section tailgate that makes transportation so much easier by enhancing the ease of loading and unloading. There is also a swivel mounted tow bar so that heavy loads can be transported in a much safer way, reducing any risk to occupational health and safety.

Different driving modes

Enhancing the pleasure of the drive are a wide sweep of dynamic driving features. Take control of the road with the Adaptive Suspension Package that includes three modes of Comfort, Dynamic and Professional. Each offering varying degrees of road handling that are suitable for different road conditions. Other innovations incorporated in the BMW X5 hire include an air breather on the outer side of the front wheels and air curtain which both enhance the safety of the vehicle. Streamlined exterior mirrors and a rear air blade which contributes towards lowering the SUV’s drag coefficient.  

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