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Discover the timeless and breathtaking Porsche design in an all-electric model

Porsche Taycan Specs

  • Top speed250 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h4.0 s
  • EngineElectric 460kW 93kWh
  • BHP670
  • X4
  • X4
  • X2

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Porsche Taycan Info

A futuristic electric car that sets the scene

Moving into the new automotive area is the sensational Porsche Taycan. An all-electric car, the first created by Porsche. The model is based on the Mission E concept that started in 2015. Rent one and experience what an EV can offer.

The Taycan is a 4-door sedan that seats 4 people. Enjoy the low, sleek, curvaceous shape that will have people stopping to take a second look. It also comes in a Turbo and a Turbo S model.  

The Taycan is the first production model EV to use a 2-speed transmission and an 800-volt electrical system. This allows for faster acceleration and shorter recharge times. The Taycan  makes 670 horsepower and features an all-wheel drive making use of rear and front electric motors powered by a 93.4-kWh battery pack. 

Charge up and go with cutting-edge technology

Driving an EV will certainly be a unique experience to first-timers. The car has a range of 330km to 400km per charge. Charging time is around 20 to 30 minutes. To make the most of the range, you have an option of the Porsche's Intelligent Range Manager. This innovative software system adjusts the climate control and maximum speed when the battery range gets low. Thereby ensuring that you reach a pre-programmed destination.

Once on the road, however, you have the awesome power of a sports Porsche with style, class and pizazz. It is silent – for those die-hards who want the thrill of noise – crank up the sound! You can turn on the ‘Porsche Electric Sport Sound’ and get the mood going. If you prefer a relaxed, quiet drive – leave it off.

In the city, this model is nifty, responsive and a dream to drive. To get the race-track feel, try it on the Strada Statale in Italy or the Autobahn in Germany. The blistering speed will take your breath away. It rides on standard air springs and adaptive dampers, giving a smooth and comfortable drive that absorbs any shocks in the road surface. Test your skills with a choice of Range, Normal, Sport and Sport+ Drive Modes. 

A luxurious cabin

In true Porsche style, the cabin is fitted with world-class finishes. The driver has a 10.9 inch screen in the middle of the dash that is the focal point. You also have a curved screen behind your steering wheel and an I-Pace style portrait screen where your right hand rests. The only physical buttons are on the doors. Ambient lighting, Climate-Control and superior sound and infotainment systems will thrill your passengers.

Safety features to put your mind at ease

The Taycan is equipped with automated emergency braking, forward-collision warning and lane-keeping assistance as standard. It also offers additional features like adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors and blind-spot monitoring. 

Step into a new era and try out the astounding Porsche Taycan on your next road trip. 

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