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Four wheels and Four seats, the outcome is thus the Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF Specs

  • Top speed332 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.7 s
  • Engine6.3 L V12
  • BHP660
  • X2
  • X4
  • X4

Ferrari FF Video

Ferrari FF Info

There is no secret as to what the double F in ‘Ferrari FF’ stands for, in the unveiling of this audacious supercar, Ferrari announced loud and clear that this car brings together the previously disparate elements of being a four wheel drive with four sumptuously comfortable seats, within the confines of an iconic Ferrari Super car. Four wheels and Four seats, the outcome is thus the Ferrari FF.

An extreme grand tourer

Take the chance to hire the Ferrari FF and drive one of the most evolutionary GT’s that has forever raised the standard for automotive excellence. The FF was originally designed to tackle the most difficult and complex of driving challenges. The sought of challengers that experienced and discerning drivers only ever dream about. Irrespective of inclement weather, rugged terrain and precarious conditions, the Ferrari FF rental is designed to see it all through to the end, and indeed it does.

On first glance, any observer is immediately clued into the fact that this is a high performance vehicle. The super model profile of the FF is comprised of a sleek Pininfarina designed shape, that is both elegant and wild, bearing the art in its soul it gives away every indication of its radical nature.

A comfortable ride for 4

Hire the Ferrari FF and take a spin up the snow laden mountains of Courchevel or Chamonix, where amongst the many châteaux of these five star luxury ski resorts, the FF will find itself snugly at home. Other great destinations to possibly drive out aboard the Ferrari FF could be the Black Forest found in the thick of Germany’s wooded Bavaria. A drive to any of the remote locations may take hours, but it will only feel like minutes in the Ferrari FF. The four seats are all so luxuriously fitted that they offer superb comfort with their body hugging contours, yet despite the spaciousness there is still a surprising amount of luggage space to be utilised in the trunk.

When you hire the FF you should know that this model is the first and only V12 ever produced in the world to have a seven speed dual clutch F1 gearbox, this sporting asset boasts a 20% increase in power whilst simultaneously reducing fuel consumption by 25%.

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