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Blessed with it all, the Ferrari California T possesses incredible good looks

Ferrari California T Specs

  • Top speed313 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.6 s
  • Engine3.8L V8
  • BHP560
  • X2
  • 2+2
  • X2

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Ferrari California T Info

Blessed with it all, the Ferrari California T possesses incredible good looks with its innovative technology that puts it at the end head of its class. Rent the Ferrari California T and take a drive in a sporty cabriolet that epitomises athleticism, exclusivity and sublime elegance. After all, it is due to these hallmark features that has paved the way in developing the stellar reputation of the California Model.

Enjoy the ride

Fun at the wheel becomes your everyday driving experience when your hire this Ferrari Grand Tourer. The famous automotive engineers of Maranello have really outdone themselves here in the creation of the of the California T. Possessing razor sharp responsiveness, powerful acceleration, blistering performance, the V8 direct fuel injection engine is capable of enormous power. The turbo technology that is used has numerous benefits, even besides the exhilarating soundtrack of the engine, it has excellent fuel consumption rates and a significant reduction in emissions. All the more amazing is that despite its compact dimensions, it produces an incredible power output.

A modern look focused on aerodynamics

For that drive through the Italian coast of Cinque Terre, the Ferrari California T rental has all the sophisticated class perfect for the occasion. With its classic Ferrari proportions, its body work is inspired by the earlier model, the 250 Testa Rossa, which set the road ablaze with its famous pontoon fender styling that had the front wing line stretched back towards the end of a compact and muscular car. Likewise the contemporary California T retains this aerodynamic sleekness with a more aesthetically modern twist.   

For a weekend getaway into the city of Bern consider hiring the California T and enjoy the luxury afforded in the passenger cabin. Sumptuously fitted with quality leather upholstering, the hand crafted finish shows a display of quality materials, polished surfaces and all whilst retaining a high functionality. Step inside and be dazzled by the iconic styling cues that is so well known to the house of the Prancing Horse. With clear divisions between the dash and tunnel, the ergonomically centered steering wheel that is multifunctional, bespoke round air vents and the signature F1 badge on the tunnel. All subtly reminding you that you are driving nothing less than an A class Ferrari specimen.  

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