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The Ferrari 488 Spider creates the benchmark for other cars to follow in its path

Ferrari 488 Spider Specs

  • Top speed325 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.0 s
  • Engine3.9L V8
  • BHP670
  • X2
  • X2
  • X2

Ferrari 488 Spider Video

Ferrari 488 Spider Info

The Ferrari 488 Spider is all about a dualism of powerful performance and effortless driving. No less, the 488 Spider represents the latest edition of the legacy that is Maranello’s classic car production history of convertible V8 sports cars. At its most eye catching, this Spyder hosts the Retractable Hardtop, around which the team at Ferrari designed the entire car. A focus albeit unusual has given the car dimension, has this preoccupation with aerodynamics means that the 488 GTB incorporates a wide sweep of latest technology. Hire the Ferrari 488 Spider and drive the car that creates the benchmark for other cars to follow in its path.

The premium performance convertible

Arousing strong covetous feelings wherever it goes, the Ferrari 488 Spider holds a muscular and sporty allure. Less of a project and more of a melding of minds, the 488 Spider was designed as if a work of art by the Ferrari Design Center. To show for their efforts, the 488’s radical new styling is honed to enhance its aerodynamic swiftness and delivers a drive that is nothing short of addictive. It offers a design that brilliantly reflects open top driving pleasure with a fun spirited sense of sportiness but with an underlying desire for performance.

Sublime sensations of drive

Rent the Ferrari 488 Spider and embrace the legacy that lies within this futuristic looking sportscar with a drive in Ferrari’s home town of Maranello. In the low-to-the-ground mid rear engined Ferrari race through the Italian countryside that is filled with picturesque scenery, indulge in a dash of retail therapy and enjoy the pure veracity of gastronomic food on offer. Whilst in Maranello take a tour of the Ferrari museum, the highlight are the two semi-professional simulators that will give you the opportunity to experience driving a Ferrari Formula 1 racing car on the Monza track.

Yet once back in your own Ferrari rental, the drama is far from over as Ferrari’s Formula 1 inspired philosophy of seamlessly creating a partnership between car and driver becomes evident. The control functions are not clustered on the steering wheel but are located on the wraparound satellite pods, which are precisely angled towards the driver. Power and dynamism this raw, never felt so good.

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