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The Lamborghini Gallardo is a supercar to live life at its finest

Lamborghini Gallardo Specs

  • Top speed325 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h3.7 s
  • Engine5.2 L V10
  • BHP560
  • X2
  • X2
  • X1

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Lamborghini Gallardo Info

While some have notions that the Lamborghini Gallardo is for everyday driving, the truth is there is nothing conventional about this supercar. Grand on every score, it boasts an extended wheelbase that gives it additional presence on the road, while the reduced overhang lends an satisfyingly dynamic appearance. Underlying it all is the powerful V10 engine that delivers formidable speed, as it does a ferocious roar.

A rare specimen

Hire the Lamborghini Gallardo and drive a rare specimen of the urban road. Possessing a unique character, the Gallardo is the cumulative product from the great motoring tradition that is Lamborghini.

Unique looks

The design concept of the Lamborghini flagship model was first proposed by Italdesign-Giugiaro, who then handed his notes over to be further enhanced by Lamborghini’s inhouse automotive designers. They then added critical points that put the Gallardo at the extreme end of their design philosophy. The designers then set to task on identifying the formal attributes of the Lamborghini and using that to inspire the overall concept as a whole. A challenging task but also a rewarding one.

Rent the Lamborghini Gallardo for a spectacular drive along Italy’s sun-filled coast of Amalfi. With many sensual luxuries on offer, let your eye feast on the sprawling views of the coastline where sharp cliff edges are softened by a velvety turquoise blue sea that spreads out to the horizon.

As you drive along in the Gallardo, constantly pulling heads in your wake, you will find yourself driving past the gently leafy green sway of the Italian countryside and pastel coloured houses, many of which are adorned in bougainvillea. This drive is unsurpassed aboard the Gallardo hire, where at your disposal is a 5.2l V10 rear drive coupe which is fitted with a six speed gear shift. Spectacular throughout, this is a supercar to live life at its finest.

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